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Mandating Helmet Debates

Get ready for the great helmet debate, round 243. If you’re just joining us, Momentum Magazine has the best article summarizing the reasons for and against helmet laws, and explaining why we’re still arguing about it. Today, the NDP government … Continue reading

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Return of the Jets

Congratulations Winnipeg. I never thought it would happen. When the Jets left I was 13. I emptied my piggy bank. I donated money to the Save the Jets campaign. I attended a rally. But the Jets left anyway, and then … Continue reading

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Are Bikes Bad for Business?

The Hornby separated bike lane is still a week away from being approved by city council, but the lane is generating lots of controversy already. The local business community is campaigning against the bike lane warning the loss of car … Continue reading

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5 Folked Up Days in Winnipeg

I wasn’t a very cool or sophisticated teenager. I know this because despite having lived in Winnipeg for 19 years, I didn’t attend the Winnipeg Folk Festival once. In my later years I wanted to go, but was too intimidated … Continue reading

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Aries – Lots of Birthdays, Lots of Parties

Wow. I know a lot of Aries – including myself. Consequently, the past 3 weeks have been nothing but parties and celebrations. During the Easter weekend, Emily hosted a Creative Sushi Party with lots of “Wacky Maki”. There was also … Continue reading

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The University of Winnipeg – Centre of Canada?

Today I realized that the University of Winnipeg is the centre of Canada – at least according to Google Maps. If you go to maps.google.ca (and you don’t have a default location saved) and zoom in as far as possible, … Continue reading

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Prairie Pot

My mother just sent this email: Dad just called to tell me that our neighbour, 3 houses down, got busted last night for running a grow-op. Apparently they pulled 900 plants out of the house last night. We never heard … Continue reading

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