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A Sunny Day of Reflection

I went for a run today. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was outside. Sunny, +16, and just gorgeous outside. It seemed like everyone in the city was outside celebrating the day off and enjoying the amazing weather. The seawall was crowded, the beaches were full of people in shorts and t-shirts kicking soccer balls around and lounging in the sun. Every few hundred meters I got a whiff of some potent BC bud. It was a perfect Vancouver day.
Nim  Taking a Break  The ski crew  Getting Ready to Ride  At the Peak  Dan

The last few weeks have been busy but good. My birthday celebrations stretched over 3 days this year. Saturday night we ended up at Cafe Deux Soleils for vegetarian foood (he he he oh the non-vegetarians weren’t expecting that) and lots of drinks. Then on Sunday, Kevin, Nim, Dan, Christina and her friend Jimmy, and trekked up to Whistler for a beautiful day of spring skiing and snowboarding.
Birthday Guests  Dan, Stef, and Scott  Birthday Cake

Then on Tuesday, we had pineapple upside-down cake at work, thanks to Christina’s mad baking skills. I definitely milked my 24th birthday for all it was worth.

Other highlights of the past 2 weeks:
Vancouver’s Giant Pillow Fight – the rain held off just long enough for 15 minutes of joyful pillow smashing with strangers. It was actually a lot of fun. It was funny watching everyone mill about casually with pillows jammed in backpacks or in jackets and then go mad exactly 3 pm. Dan got some photos that I’ll try to steal and post, but in the mean time you can check out Flickr or gnb‘s pictures.
vancouver pillowfight 2007 - downy explosion  vancouver pillowfight 2007

Dan’s old roommate, Adam, who’s working at Microsoft now, came up to visit two weeks ago. He was lots of fun and brought us a few Xbox games from the Microsoft store. I stayed up to 3:30 am playing Kameo last night, but I finished the game, so I can have my life back.
Last Friday, Stef, Theresa, and Ambrose came over for a potluck-ish dinner and a night of boardgames. It was fun and the food was amazing. I’m hoping to plan a bigger boardgame night in a few weeks. A Saturday night orgy of Mafia, Blokus, Settlers, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Apples 2 Apples, and some other games I have in my closet. Stay tuned.

Dan’s off being a good Christian and visiting his adopted family. So I had the apartment to myself tonight, and I took full advantage. I went grocery shopping and partook in some amazing naked cooking. I recommend you try it some time. It’s very tranquil. Just be careful when you’re draining pots of boiling water because it sometimes splashes. Tonight’s meal was a greek dish with white kidney beans, orzo, and various vegetables. I managed to cut my thumb on a can edge and was gushing blood everywhere. I couldn’t find a decent sized band-aid, so I ended up ducttaping gauze to my thumb. It seems to have worked pretty well.

Team H.U.G.

It Came from the MistWe’ve signed up a running team at work for the Vancouver Sun Run – the largest 10 km race in Canada, with over 50,000 participants expected. The toughest part wasn’t convincing my non-runner co-workers to commit to pounding 10 km of pavement in April, but deciding on a team name. The suggestions were: Team Awesome, Team Better than Dan, Runners with BO (my suggestion), and Business Rejects (my other suggestion). At one point, it looked like Better than Dan was set to win, although a few of us were dead set against it. But then Nim suggested a compromise candidate: Team H.U.G. (Hurry Up Georges). Still a dig on my room-mate, Mr. Daniel Georges, but more discrete and with added bonus of mandating team hugs.

So, now we’re Team H.U.G. and I’ve started to train for the race. Why, I don’t know. No one else is taking it seriously. I want to see if I can run it under 40 minutes. Or at least get myself into good enough shape to run the half marathon in May or June.
Running Details…

Revenge of the Windstorm

Repent! Repent! Give up your polluting ways, because Mother Natures Strikes Back.

“…forecasters reported winds of 200 km/h…a two-year-old boy who was killed by a falling wall in London…a single gust of wind in the early afternoon knocked three trucks onto their sides…an 18-month-old child hit by a terrace door that was ripped from its hinges…Berlin’s new main train station was shut down after a two-tonne girder was ripped out of its facade…” – CBC

Is this for real? And I thought the storm that ripped through Stanley Park was bad.

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Hurricane Kyrill
Hurricane Kyrill,
originally uploaded by MarkHaertl.
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Mersey Storm
Mersey Storm,
originally uploaded by Richard Carter.

Snow Pain, Snow Gain

What a wicked day. It took as a while to get going, but once we were on the hill the snowboarding was off the hook.

The drive up was hampered by the weather. Tons of snow meant that road up to the ski hill was restricted to 4×4’s and cars with winter tires. We were in a truck that we thought was a 4×4, but when we started fish tailing on the ride up, we quickly realized it wasn’t. The worst part was it was real-wheel drive and the back of the truck had no weight in it, so we were sliding everywhere. I had to take over the driving half way up the hill and use my mad Manitoba driving skills to get us up. A lot of people we talked to were surprised we made it. It was pretty hairy, especially when we almost had that head-on collision with a snow plough, but we made it.

I took a two hour, intermediate lesson to help with my turning and increase my comfort on the board. It was good. I learned a lot and got some great pointers. Then I met up with Dan, Nim, and Charles and we hit a few green and blue runs. The whole day the snow was coming down hard. The fresh powder was great. I must have fallenn at least 50 times, including a few spectacular spills, but other than a bruised wrist, I was unharmed. I’m a bit worried that my recklessness will get me in trouble once the snow on the hills turns a bit harder. I’ve gotten used to pillowy soft landings.

The ride down the hill was a lot smoother, although it was just as scary. Traffic was crawling along, but we eventually got to Vancouver. Just after we dropped off Nim we got a flat tire and had some fun unsuccessfully trying to change it. The tire almost fell off the rim because we were driving on it trying to get to the gas station. Eventually BCAA showed up and saved the day.

I can’t wait to go up again.

Part of the Gang  Me and My Snowboard  Black Mountain Lodge  Dan  Nim  Flat Tire

Snow, Robots, and Visitors

I can’t believe it. It’s actually snowing out right now, and not just in the mountains. In Vancouver, fluffy snowflakes are softly drifting by my window and blanketing the city. It may not be ideal for the homeless, the water quality, or the Vancouver drivers who don’t know how to drive in the white stuff (CBC), but I’m loving it. It looks beautiful and it means more fresh powder.

StokedI spent the day volunteering at the FIRST Lego League tournament. It was a good time and it means I can take a day off work in lieu. Part of my journey to get there involved a short SkyTrain ride. While I was riding along, I glanced out at the mountains. The sun was just coming up and lit up the top half of the mountains. They looked much closer than they normally do, and the snowy peaks were absolutely glowing. That’s why I love this city. It was so beautiful.

I can’t wait for tomorrow. 10 of us from work are all going skiing and snowboarding up at Cypress. It’s been snowing like crazy up there and with the snow today they should have amazing conditions tomorrow. I’m excited about the fresh powder because it means it will be that much harder to hurt myself. I love a challenge.

The only downside of the volunteering today and the snowboarding tomorrow is I really haven’t had a lot of sleep lately. Wednesday and Thursday night I was hanging out with Lorrissa and Erin who were up from Seattle enjoying their Thanksgiving holiday. They were thinking of skiing up at Whistler, but the pull of Black Friday lured them back south on Friday. I’m looking forward to spending more time with them, and the rest of the Seattle crew, when I visit next weekend.

Too warm, too windy, too wet

Stupid weather. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I went to the Emily Carr Institute’s student art sale yesterday and bought some great prints made by students to adorn my walls. Then I wandered over to Boardroom and dropped a wad of cash on a new snowboard, bindings, boots, and some mitts.

I was all stoked to go boarding today, but the weather decided otherwise. Cypress mountain lists the current conditions as “EXTREME” – meaning extreme winds and heavy rain have forced it to close for the day. Boo! What a bummer.

Instead, I’ll have to curl up on the couch and spoon my new snowboard all day and listen to the Grey Cup on the radio. GO BC GO!