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The great crash

I was just at the library trying to make some progress on my work report. After a few hours I got the munchies and decided to head down to the plaza to grab a bite to eat. As I was leaving the library, my laptop fell out of my backpack and came to a crash on the floor. I cringed. It looked ok on the outside, so I tossed it back in my bag and zipped it in good.

Thoughts started running through my mind. What if it doesn’t start? What if the screen is cracked? What if the hard drive is broken? Dare I even think of the consequences. All my data…gone. All my pictures…gone. Those two paragraphs I’ve written for my work report…gone. Well at least I’d have a good excuse for not finishing it.

But I just opened it up as I’m waiting for my food here at Curry in a Hurry, and she looks fine. What a tough chick.

Now I need just one more miracle and maybe I’ll finish that damn work report by Monday.

Update: Turns out my baby didn’t survive as well as I had thought. I just noticed the case is cracked in the front right corner where one of the speakers is. Everything is still working fine; it’s just a flesh wound. I wonder if my warranty will cover fixing this. Not sure what they could to short of replacing the whole thing though.

Canadian Living

I’ve only been here a day, but I’m already starting to notice some profound changes:

Last 4 months Next 4 months
Intern Undergrad
Making money Paying tuition
Green USD$ Multi-coloured CDN$
MS Badge UW Student ID
Sunny 75 F Rainy 11 C
1 absentee roommate 1 male & 2 female roommates
Master bedroom Basement dungeon
Queen-sized bed Foam twin mattress
Satellite tv with surround sound Basic cable on 14″ tv
Dishwasher Dish clothe
Steadily finishing work Avoiding writing work report
Burritoes Perogies
Pro Club Columbia Ice Fields
Jon Stewart Rick Mercer
Gas can parties on weekends Gas can party on Wednesday before Bomber

Course Registration

In what was a surpringly painless procedure, I managed to sign up for courses this afternoon. Although I count myself lucky that I only needed to use Quest to sign up for 1 course, because after that it started to give me Javascript errors and refused to respond. But up until then it worked flawlessly. Kudos to those wonderful people at PeopleSoft.

Here’s my 4A schedule:

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:30 CS 448
  CS 448
  CS 448
11:30 SE 464
SE 401
SE 464
  SE 464
12:30 ECE 454
  ECE 454
  ECE 454
13:30   SE 464
  ECE 428
14:30 ECE 428
  ECE 428
  ECE 428
19:00   ECON 102

Format stolen from indiglo_i – Thanks Greg

In related news, I fired off a ranting letter to all the big cheeses in Computer Science and Software Engineering yesterday about the CS policy of refusing to let us know which professors are teaching each course. I don’t know about you, but I like to pick courses taught be good profs. Read on to see the whole letter. I know, it’s a bit polite for a rant, but I didn’t want to offend anyone.
My Rant