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Scandinavia08 – The Prelude

I arrived in Toronto on Saturday afternoon for Part 2 of my Waterloo Reunion (Part 1 was in Seattle the weekend before with Lorrissa, Erin, Greg T., Graeme, and Yuxi).

I had a delightful evening with Adam, Ayelet, Chris W., Lisa, and Dave. We stayed up late talking and catching up. Like last weekend in Seattle, it was just good to see everyone and hear what they’re up to – Facebook status updates just aren’t enough to find out about everyone’s new lives. It’s been 2 years since graduation and everyone seems to be moving up in the world.

The wedding was a real cross-cultural experience, with parts of the service in English, French, and Farsi. There were actually 2 services – a Christian one and a Persian one. I really liked the Persian one, even though I couldn’t understand what was going on half of the time – it was really lively, full of traditions, and had good food.

It was great to celebrate Nic and Anoush’s wedding and I wish them all the best. The best part of the ceremony and festivities was again seeing more people from Waterloo – Donna & Brandon, Sean & Kelly, Doug, Ben, Fish, and Narges were all there. I was a bit worried because Ben had his flight on Saturday cancelled, but made it in on Sunday before the ceremony.

The reception after the wedding was lively and I learned the basics of Persian dancing. We danced most of the night and then Ben an I crashed at Narges’s place. We slept in Monday morning before casually making our way to the airport. Narges said bye to us at the bus station, and then we ran into the newly-weds at the airport. They were leaving on their honeymoon and Ben and I were starting our grand Scandinavian adventure.

Waterloo Gang  Bride and Flower Girl  Dancing  Persian Dancing  Knife Dance

Pink Ties

Nice TieMaybe Waterloo Mathies don’t wear pink ties as a fashion statement after all. Maybe they wear them to send a message to bullies – “pick on me and I’ll reformat your harddrive”.

I’m a bit peeved that the pink tie, that oh-so-nerdy and much-beloved symbol of Waterloo Math students, is being used by politicians to support an anti-bullying campaign. But realistically, it’s probably math nerds and future Waterloo students that need the most protection from bullies anyway, so maybe the symbolism is apt.

Toronto Doesn’t Suck

Last week I took a highly-craved vacation and flew down to Toronto to spend the week with Emily. The week was a great balance of typical touristy Toronto stuff and exploring the “real” Toronto. I was even able to take advantage of my presence in Southern Ontario and spend a few days in Waterloo visiting all the poor suckers who are still stuck there. 🙂
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Christmas Greetings: A Year in Review

Hello blog readers,

Last year was my first Christmas away from Manitoba and all the family. I had a great time in Edinburgh with my friend from Shad Valley, Steven, and his family who adopted me for a week. But this year, I’m longing for perogies, crokinole tournaments, laughing relatives, giant bonfires, tobogganing, and the comfort of familiar faces.
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Random Links, Pictures, and Thoughts

Right now I’m house sitting for Joy, who left to Winnipeg on Thursday. It’s nice having the house to myself. I love the freedom of being able to walk around naked. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to get a bachelor apartment in Vancouver. I was looking at shared accomadation with randoms, but Daniel (another Waterloo grad) just started a week after me and is looking for a place too. We have appointments to see a few places on Monday. This cool Craigslist / Google Maps mashup has been useful. It isn’t able to grab all Craigslist listings because of address formating issues, but its still pretty suite. For those of you looking for places to rent in any big city, check it out.

I ran across this a while ago. I thought it was cool. Google Trends: Lets you compare popularity of things using search volume. Like Dislocated Shoulders vs Broken Arms, Vegetarian vs Atikings, or Italy vs France. Try it, it’s fun.

Some new pictures on Flickr (among many):
Toga Ben   Sun on the Face  Ben Sleeping  Baseball Diamond

And from Convocation Weekend:
Valedictory Address  The Porter Family  Christopher and Baba  The Grad and the Proud parents  Siblings  Kelsey  Porter Family  Rockstars

And from the hiking trip to Lynn Canyon on Monday with Emily:
Lynn Canyon  Iced Feet  Feet on Rock  Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

CBC carried the monthly jobless rate figures. It really bothers me that Manitoba has had the 2nd lowest jobless rate in Canada for like a year and gets no credit for it. All you ever hear about is how Alberta has this red hot economy. The jobless rate in Alberta is now at 3.5% and Manitoba is 3.6%. Although maybe that’s because people keep leaving Manitoba for Boom Town Alberta and the oil-town salaries. There’s a real skilled labour shortage in Western Canada right now.

After 2 weeks of CFL football, the home team had won every game (well except Montreal beating the lowly Ticats in Hamilton). I thought the trend would continue, but then Winnipeg had to roll into Toronto and put a licking to the Argonauts. Oh well. 🙂 I’m happy the Bombers are doing well. I wnat to see a B.C. vs Winnipeg Final.