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Vancouver Fringe Reviews: Die Roten Punkte – Kunst Rock

We tried to see Freud vs His Ego at the Fringe today, but when we got to Granville Island there was a huge lineup for tickets. We knew it was going to be close but thought our chances were good considering there were dozens of people behind us in line. Unfortunately, I was the first person in line who didn’t get a ticket. Luckily, we had a great backup plan and managed to get tickets to Die Roten Punkte – Kunst Rock.

Die Roten Punkte – Kunst Rock – We saw the faux-German, White Stripe imitation rockers when they were in Vancouver for their first Fringe tour a few years ago. Kunst Rock is their third Fringe show, and I think they’ve now perfected their craft. The songs were catchy, the jokes were funny, and their lampooning of art rock bands was perfect. I almost died laughing when they stopped the show to mock a poor women who tried sneaking out with 15 minutes left. After a number of sellouts, they’re performing an extra charity show on Sunday at 3:50.****

Vancouver Fringe Reviews: Dr. Horrible, Shadows in Bloom, and Wanderlust

I’m so excited that the Vancouver Fringe Festival is back. I’ve seen 3 shows so far, and have a bunch more on my wishlist.

Dr. Horrible – Sing Along Blog: Joss Whedon’s cult musical brought to the stage. I didn’t think Fringe actors could live up to Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion, but I was pleasantly surprised. The actors who played Dr. Horrible and Penny both had great voices, and the 2 bonus songs (not available online) had me cracking up. They did a great job turning the Internet sensation into a great stage show. **** (4 stars)

Shadows in Bloom: Gemma Wilcox does a great job convincing the audience that there are dozens of actors on stage, effortlessly shifting between the characters. I didn’t see Gemma’s play last year, but one of my friends thought it was better then this year’s edition. Overall, the play was a partly dramatic, partly comedic, but nothing spectacular. *** (3 stars)

Wanderlust: An early favourite for Pick of the Fringe. Martin Dockery tells a bunch of hilarious stories from his trip backpacking through West Africa. There were a number of dramatic moments, but this was mostly a humorous story. One of the funniest fringe shows I’ve ever seen. Don’t miss this one! ***** (5 stars)

Next up on my list are:
Raccoonery (Friday 7pm)
Limbo (Friday 9pm)
Freud vs His Ego (Saturday 3:30)

and if I can squeeze them in:
Peter ‘n’ Chris Save the World
Die Roten Punkte

Mr. Gordon (he was my high school calculus teacher and is a Fringe fanatic) has recommended:
Antoine Feval – I think we might watch this instead of Raccoonery.