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Half Marathon Training – 3 weeks to go

The training for the Victoria Half Marathon continues. I think I’m ready. I went on a long 25km run today, and now I’m staring to taper my running. I only have to ensure I don’t get sick or injured in the next 3 weeks.

Today was my longest training run, and I took my fancy new Android phone with me so I could try out the MyTracks app. Normally, I don’t even take a watch with me, so I have no idea how fast or even how long I’m running for. According to MyTracks I ran 28.25 km in 2 1/2 hours, but that includes a lot of drunken staggering near the end which I think tacked on a few extra km that didn’t actually happen. The GPS was a lot more accurate when I was on the seawall and seemed to get confused when I was closer to big buildings. It was also interesting to see the elevation profile of the run. I chose UBC specifically for the hill at the midpoint of the run. It looks worse on the graph then it felt, although after the hill my average speed dropped significantly.

Elevation Profile

Half Marathon Training

I’m training for the Victoria Half Marathon on 10/10/10. It is challenging finding interesting running routes for my Sunday long run – Vancouver’s Seawall is a great route, but I was looking for something new.

On Sunday, I took the SkyTrain to New Westminster’s Braid Station and ran home, following the new Central Valley Greenway. It is ridiculous having to travel 2 cities away to get a 20km run in, but the Central Valley Greenway is a gorgeous running route. It is sheltered from traffic with only a few intersections to cross, there are water fountains along the route so I didn’t have to bring a water bottle, and there are even some blackberry bushes for energy boosts.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Nat Bailey Baseball Diamond
Emily and I went to our first Vancouver Canadians baseball game Friday night. We had a blast watching the Canadians hammer the Boise Hawks 11-4. I really wish we would have discovered the Canadians a few summers ago, as it was fun, cheap entertainment. I played a lot of baseball growing up, and there is something rewarding about watching minor league players on the cusp making The Bigs. There are a lot of young, talented players on the Canadians roster.

The Canadians offensive onslaught on Friday was led by Michael Choice, who just joined the team a few weeks ago after signing with the Oakland A’s and receiving $2 million bonus. He got the crowd into the game when he hit a monster home run in the 3rd inning, and then followed that up with a 3-run triple. He was a exciting hitter to watch at the plate, and was only a double away from hitting for the cycle.

I enjoyed watching the baseball game, but there was also plenty of between-inning distractions to keep lesser baseball fans amused, including a sushi race, the jive-dancing grounds crew, and the traditional 7th inning stretch. Nat Bailey is a gorgeous stadium, and there isn’t a single bad seat in the house. Some things to keep in mind if you’re going to a game:

  • if you have a seat along on the 3rd base line, expect sun in your face for the first hour
  • bring a sweater, once the sun sets it gets a bit chilly
  • there are extensive concession stands, but the food and drinks are expensive – $7 for sushi, $5 for popcorn, $7.50 for bottled beer, etc.
  • there aren’t any water fountains, so bring your own water
  • cycling is the easiest way to get to the game. Nat Bailey is located on the popular Ontario bike greenway, and there is lots of free bike parking next to the stadium.

Baseball Fan Nat Bailey Concessions Big Fan, Little Hat

Restaurant Review: Loving Hut

Pamela Anderson Peta Ad

Inspired by Pamela Anderson’s banned PETA ad and Jennifer’s recent post, Emily and I went to Loving Hut for dinner. Loving Hut is a new(ish) restaurant in Vancouver that offers a completely vegan menu. There are a lot of vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver, but none of them celebrate veganism and vegetarianism like Loving Hut does. One wall of the restaurant is a shrine to famous vegetarians, with pictures of celebrities from Albert Einstein to Shania Twain.

The menu at Loving Hut specializes in items that vegans cannot normally eat, like pizza, poutine, nachos, and nuggets. I’m used to eating at non-vegetarian restaurants with only a few veggie options, so I often find vegetarian menus overwhelming. We decided to try a few items that seemed unique – pizza, nachos, and nuggets. That might not sound unique, but we don’t eat at McDonalds and it is rare to find vegan items at most restaurants.

I’ve never had vegan nachos before, and I was impressed. The nachos came with lots of toppings, including vegan cheese which tasted authentic and kept my stomach happy, and was served with fresh salsa, guacamole, and fake source cream. The pizza was made with spelt flour (a treat for Emily who avoids wheat), and came with really good fresh toppings. The nuggets tasted good, but never having had chicken nuggets I don’t have much to compare to. For dessert, we had a huge piece of vegan, flour-less, chocolate cake which was big enough for two to share.

We really enjoyed our dinner, but wished we would order some more vegetables. The next time we go to Loving Hut I’m looking forward to trying the spring rolls, nature’s wrap, and maybe the poutine.

Loving Hut on Urbanspoon

Crazy Sustainable Commute

August 27th is Crazy Sustainable Commute Day in Vancouver. You’re encouraged to get to work by the wackiest sustainable method you can think of. Some suggestions are taking a canoe, pogo-stick, horse, unicycle, stilts, etc.

The video is hilarious, and a must watch for anyone working at Business Objects/SAP. I still haven’t decided how I’ll commute that day.

Nature in the City Flickr Contest

10th Avenue Bike Art
The David Suzuki Foundation is running a Nature in the City Flickr photo contest, encouraging people to send in photos of fauna and flora in urban environments. I submitted 3 of my photos to the pool. My photo of the old bike turned into a flower planter on 10th Avenue in Vancouver has been attracting a lot of attention. It’s now featured on the David Suzuki Foundation Twitter Feed. I hope that means I’m in the running for a prize. Winning a Cannon Rebel camera would be amazing, especially considering I broke my old camera and damaged Emily’s this week.