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In Defense of Jason Lamarche

Jason Lamarche is an NPA candidate for city council in Vancouver. As much as I despise the NPA for its opposition to bike lanes, they do have 2 likeable candidates Jason Lamarche and Sean Bickerton. Jason is young, dorky, progressive, and most importantly wired-in. He has an extensive online history, and the media (mostly CTV) is using it to hammer the guy.

Last week, CTV reported on a blog post Jason wrote in 2007 that discussed a ‘scandalous’ matrix to rate women. This week, they dug a bit deeper, and found entries on urban dictionary (a website devoted to documenting slang terms, often with racy content) presumably written by Jason between 2005 and 2007. The full list of entries is here, and includes words like binner, click fraud, 337, proverb, phisers, and 3 musketeers. *gasp*

Jason’s response went from “I have a sense of humour; stop smearing me so we can focus on the issues” (paraphrased) to “that wasn’t me, you can’t prove anything” (also paraphrased). Sadly, he’s now pulled down most of his online content, including a video feature he had on YouTube called Liberal Minute that showed off his personality and opinions on issues much better than any of his campaign material.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the media has gone after a young candidate for online content that really isn’t that shocking. Last provincial election, NDP candidate Ray Lam was forced to resign when Facebook pictures of him pretend groping a female friend were leaked.

If Facebook pictures, old blog posts, and entries in urban dictionary entries are enough to disqualify a candidate from running for public office, no one from my generation will ever be elected. This has to change, but won’t until some young candidate stands up to the media.
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Car-Free Vancouver Day 2011

Free HugsParade of FoolsMarching to the Beat of His Own DrumMason Bee HousesCar-Free Commercial DrivePottery Time
Purple Thistle Free ZoneWonderland CroquetGreen Strip for Wonderland CroquetAlternative TransportationTall BikeBike Valet
Barbeque BikePet ChickenDosa ChefSpudded UmbrellaCar-Free Main Street

Car-Free Vancouver Day 2011, a set on Flickr.

I love street parties. We checked out the Car-Free festivities on Commercial Drive and Main Street this year. Main Street was definitely the more happening of the two.

There was great street food at both locations, but I was impressed by the pedal zoo on Commercial and the Village Vancouver, BLIM Market, and VegFest on Main Street.

Village Carnivale and Car-Free Festival

How do you get over a riot? A carnivale and car-free festival might help.

The riot was a black eye on Vancouver, but I’m amazed by how quickly things are getting back to normal in Vancouver. The window at work was smashed in, but replaced before noon.

This weekend there are two fun events two help forget the ugly riot after Wednesday’s hockey game.

Here at the Olympic Village, there is a 4-day Village Carnivale that starts tonight. It includes a “65 foot high Ferris Wheel” that looks small next to the giant birds in the plaza.

Sunday is also Car-Free Vancouver Day (in addition to being Father’s Day). Commercial Drive, Main Street, Denman, and areas in Kitsilano will be closed to traffic and huge street parties with music, parades, street food, and vendors will take over.

Return of the Jets

Congratulations Winnipeg. I never thought it would happen. When the Jets left I was 13. I emptied my piggy bank. I donated money to the Save the Jets campaign. I attended a rally. But the Jets left anyway, and then I left Winnipeg.

Even when it was announced that Winnipeg would get a team, I wasn’t sure if fans would buy in. The Jets always had lots of fans, just not enough to fill the seats. Winnipeg is a cheap city. I remember CBC blacking out local games so people wouldn’t just stay home and watch them on tv. I guess things have changed, because the season tickets sold out in 17 minutes. All 13,000 are gone. Impressive.

So, good luck Winnipeg. I hope the team does well and the fans stick with them. But I have a new team now. And they’re two wins away from the Stanley Cup. Go Canucks Go!
Young Canuck

car2go – A New Option for Car Sharing in Vancouver

car2go Vancouver
Vancouverites looking to get around the city without owning a car now have one more option. car2go, an intriguing new car-sharing option pioneered in Ulm, Germany, will start offering access to a fleet of 225 smart cars in June. car2go is very different from existing car-sharing services like Modo and Zipcar. First, you don’t have to return vehicles to where you found them, so one-way trips are possible. Second, cars do not have to be booked ahead of time, you can just find the closest one, jump in, drive, and then leave it when you’re done.

It’s an interesting concept. I’m thinking of signing up, but I’m not sure how it would fit into my existing array of transportation options. I like the spontaneity and the freedom, but I already get that from my bike. For any long journeys, public transit is usually pretty good within Vancouver. Modo co-op cars and vans are handy when I want to go hiking or snowshoeing in the mountains, or I need to move a couch. And for weekend trips outside of the city, I usually rent a car. I don’t see car2go being a replacement for any of those trips. car2go seems to compete with taxi services, but when I’m in a taxi I’m usually drunk, so a convenient car doesn’t help.

I think I’ll sign up and see when it might be handy. Registration is free in the next 2 weeks, and $35 afterwards. The promo code is “VAN”.

Moving into Anni Friesinger’s Old Room in the Olympic Village

Since we announced we were moving into the Olympic Village, a lot of people have asked me “do you know which athlete lived in your unit during the Olympics?” I sure do. Sexy German speed skater Anni Friesinger was the former occupant of our suite.

How do I know? I did some sleuthing and discovered that 122 Walter Hardwick was occupied by Team Germany during the Olympics. Most of the German medal winners were staying up at Whistler, but the hockey team, speed skaters, figure skaters, and curlers were all in Vancouver.
Team Germany Has Arrived at Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village South and Is Expected to Win Most of the Medals

Now, I have no proof that Anni stayed in our unit, but until I find a name scratched into the wall or a stray hair that I can analyze for DNA, I’m going to just assume our unit was occupied by either Anni Friesinger or Andy Kapp, skip of the German curling team.
Photo by ygx

In all seriousness, I’m a bit surprised that more isn’t done to advertise the Olympic Village as the former home of Olympians. The two towers that were once full of Canadian athletes is now branded Canada House, but otherwise there aren’t any references left to the athletes who once resided in the units. Maybe it’s a privacy issue.

If anyone is trying to determine which athletes may have lived in a specific Olympic Village building, I’ve created this handy guide.
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