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Last night was the awesomeness. A very welcome break from homework.

GradBall was a lot like High School grad, but with more reasonable dresses, people who know how to hold their liquour, and a lot less drama. This time there were no girls crying in the washroom, no guys with puking on their suits, and no embarrassed parent picking up a retched child at the end of the night.

Dinner was good, taking pictures with everyone was awesome (my best pictures are on Flickr – please send yours my way 🙂 ), and the dancing was wicked all night long. The DJ’s mixing was perfect – a great mix of up-beat dance, slow songs, rock, 80s, and country. He even played Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy. Along with classics like the Macarena, Cotton-Eyed Joe, and the Cha-Cha-Slide. I’m not sure how it happened, but during one song I ended up leading everyone around in a conga line. By the end of the night I was tired, sore, and sweaty. So much fun.

Giant Martini Glass 
Newly Engaged Couple 
Table 22 
Camera Wars 
Temporary Replacement Date 
Chocolate Fountain 
Mr. Smooth 
The Crowd 
The Unveiling of the Tool 
60' Wrench 
Limbo Tool
Limbo Graeme 
Anoush Limbows Under the Tie 
Limber Limbo Donna 
Someone is Excited to Graduate 
Swing Your Partners Round

Birthdays, Bowling, Betting, & Butchering French (Oh…and some Vagina)

Saturday was my 23rd Birthday. I’m getting old. I celebrated in old-man fashion and did homework all day. So not much to say there.

On Thursday night, I went to see the Vagina Monologues with Erin. It was a great opportunity to explore my feminine side and feel like a dork while women laughed at inside jokes not meant for male ears. Actually I laughed along too and even found it funny. And I wasn’t the only guy there, but we were outnumbered about 10:1 which is very un-Waterloo. The best was when a guy burst out laughing at one point and was the only person laughing. I was embarassed for him.

I felt awkward going, was intimidated by the lady in the giant vagina costume at the door, and felt the need to crack dumb jokes until the play started to settle myself. But I’m glad I went. I didn’t realize women had such complicated relationships with their body parts, or at least this body part.

On Friday night, Ben, Lorrissa, Erin, and I celebrated my birthday. It was kind of a celebration of all our birthdays at once since Ben’s was in January, Lorrissa’s in February, and Erin’s is in April and this was the first time we did anything. We went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner. I stuffed myself with stir fry, then surcumed to peer pressure and ordered dessert with everyone else, then just before we got our bill the staff came out singing Happy Birthday and brought another piece of cake. We were all stuffed, but I found a way to eat most of it. I felt sick.

After dinner, we headed down to Kitchener for some Cosmic Glow Bowling. Lorrissa was a machine the first game. I think she had 5 strikes in her last 6 frames. She said her motivation was all the trash talking I did before the game. So, I really needed to step it up. The 2nd game we both started with strikes in the first 2 frames. Then she missed her third, and I went on to get 5 strikes in the first 5 frames. I was on fire, but then quickly fizzled out. I think I only had around 180 in the end, but still beat Lorrissa. The third game was the rubber match, with Ben and Erin fighting not to be last. I think Erin won by one point in the aggregate scores. Poor Ben. Beaten by 2 girls! I managed to beat Lorrissa again to reign supreme!

After bowling, we came back to rez and played poker, cribbage, and talked until 4 am. It was lots of fun. Once midnight hit and my birthday started my luck went all downhill. I got knocked out of poker, then lost in cribbage to Erin and 4 player match with Ben to Erin and Lorrissa. I now owe Lorrissa a home-made dinner and Erin and Lorrissa breakfast.

After I left Lorrissa and Erin’s and made the long trek accross the hallway back to our place, I had difficulty getting back into my room. During the night, Birthday fairies had visited and taped the door shut using Birthday streamers. I can’t be certain who it was, but it had certain resemblences to the decoration job last year at Microsoft. So thanks Greg and Sarah!

Saturday was spent doing the most tedious work on our VOIP system for Testing and butchering French using the Google Language tools to translate everything in our GUI from English to French. Worst Birthday Ever! (But the 2 nights before were fun)

I can’t wait to move to Vancouver so I can take part in pillow fights and Manhunt.

Erinn: That remixed Fall Out Boy is whacked!

On Cloud Nine

I just finished dancing up and down the hallway, so I thought I’d share my joy with all my loyal lj readers.

Note: This is a friends only post because it contains sensitive information that I don’t want the public / my family to find out about. So don’t share it.

I’ve received such great news this week that it’s tough to know where to start.

First of all, I found out last night that I’ve been offered jobs for both positions at Microsoft that I interviewed for. Yippee! I had 2 days to decide on the group I wanted the formal offer from, but told them right away that I was only interested in PlayTable. PlayTable is a top secret team (so keep this secret) working on the coolest piece of technology I have ever seen. So, I’m super psyched about the offer. I’m still undecided between Business Objects in Vancouver and Microsoft, but now I have lots to think about.

On one hand, I have cool technology and an awesome opportunity at Microsoft, but combined with the fate of life in the United States.
On the other hand, I have a cool company located in beautiful Vancouver and a solid job doing development work.

Obviously there’s more to consider, but it will be a tough choice either way.

Don’t tell my family!!!
The other super exciting news is I’ve been chosen as valedictorian (I have trouble spelling it) for convocation in June. I’m still in shock. For those of you who don’t know, I was chosen as the Software Engineering representative a few weeks ago by a vote. Thank you to all the Softies who nominated or voted for me. After I was chosen, I had to go through all the work of preparing a speech. Today, the representatives from every engineering program presented their speeches to a panel of 7 professors, 2 student reps, and Sue Gooding (from the Dean’s office). I was up against stiff competition. I didn’t hear any other speech, but I heard rumors that Matt Strickland (Elec) had been preparing his speech for a year. I was also up against Karim from Systems Design and Paul Gvildys from Comp Eng. Needless to say, I didn’t think my chances were that good, but tried my best anyway.

I really need to thank aramisben, erin_noelle, and Lorrissa for their feedback and help with the speech. I was really happy with the way it turned out. I was thinking on the way home from school that even if I didn’t get it, I’d be secure in knowing I wrote a good speech. But when I checked my email I started dancing up and down the hallways. Oddly enough, it was a congratulations email from Chris Wasik that I saw first. Thanks Chris.

Now the top secret part. I’ve been very careful so far not to mention my nomination or my speech preparation to my family. I want them to be surprised when they come to convocation in June. So don’t you dare tell or even hint it to anyone that might let anyone who knows someone in my family know! I’ll find you and I will kill you. I made sure this post was Friends only and ensured my sister can’t see it. I can’t way to see the look on their faces when I go up to give the speech! 🙂

Right now I just feel like giving everyone a big hug…
Hershey's Chocolate Hug

Getting ready for ye pARRRRty

Today Ben and I bussed down to Value Village to buy our costumes for tomorrow’s Iron Ring Stag. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day, so I should probably get to bed soon, but first a little preview of the festivities.

9:00 Champagne Breakfast – costumes, pancakes, and orange juice and champagne
12:00 IRS Countdown at POETS
12:30 Andrew 2.0 at Weaver’s – drinking begins in earnest
5:30 After sobering up, Iron Ring Ceremony where I will receive my iron ring
7:00 Dinner at some fancy restaurant
9:00 Iron Ring Stag at the Wax. Involving crazy costumes, drinking, dancing, and clothing removal

Pirate Costume  Arrrrrr!  Pirate Karate  Pirate Bing Drinking  Pirates Partying Too Hard

F.A.S.S. and Grad Ball

On Friday, I was treated to the finest display of nerd acting and humour. F.A.S.S. (which is a collaboration of staff and students at Waterloo, but really involves a bunch of Math and Engineering nerds) put on A Midwinter Night’s FASS. It was my second FASS show and I thoroughly enjoyed it because the humour was oh so very nerdy. I mean where else could you get away with making references to Strongbad emails, emoticons and other messaging slang, and the crappiness of Quest.

This year I went to the Friday late show, which is traditionally attended by former cast members who spend the entire show verbally harassing the actors with jeers and taunts. It was like watching a play accompanied by dozens of Statler and Waldorf muppets. At times I thought all the heckling detracted from the acting, but for the most part the jokes thrown out by the audience were funnier than the scripted jokes. And it was nice to see the audience really get involved with the show. This being Waterloo and the crowd being full of nerds, most of the jokes were of course sexual. I’ve never heard so many people shout KY Jelly simultaneously.

In other (unrelated) news, I have a date for Grad Ball, so my job is now to encourage everyone to go, because it’s going to be awesome! Engineering Grad Ball that is. Go get your tickets now. It’s April 1, no joke. One last chance to party it up as undergraduate students.

Jeremy Fisher @ the Bomber

I’m going to take a page out of loserpants‘s journal, and write about the concert I saw last night.

White WashedJeremy Fisher's Trippy MusicBen, Lorrissa, Erin and I went to see Jeremy Fisher at the Bomber last night. We also ran into Laura, Fish, Jeff Henry, and Steve. It was awesome (and free). I’ve had “High School” on my computer since last summer, and I love the tune, so I was looking forward to hearing him live. He sounds like a young Bob Dylan. A real mix of rock and folk, some politcal songs, some songs about sex and being young. It was great. The Bomber was packed and the crowd was really enthusiastic. He had a good time interacting with the crowd, telling stories, getting people to sing along, and changing the lyrics of his songs. All I have to say is “90% protein”.

The past week has been devoted pretty much exclusively to homework. Ben (aramisben) and I are still hitting the gym three times a week for what we’ve termed “mountain climbing”. We haven’t missed a single session once, so hopefully we can keep it up as the homework starts to pile up.

Students StudyingDana Porter LibraryThe only other noteworthy event this week was going to give blood with Erin (erin_noelle) on Thursday. It was her first time, so I agreed to come along for support and donate again. We tried to donate at the blood donor clinic on campus, but they were booked solid, so we ended up going down to their permanent office. It was a painless experience once again. It only took 5 minutes this time to get enough blood out of me. The only drama was near the beginning when the tape holding the tubes to my arm came off and slipped, almost pulling the needle out of my arm. That would have been messy.

The job search is still ongoing. I’m still considering Morgan Stanley in New York (I have an offer from them), Microsoft in Seattle (interviewing March 3), Business Objects (interviewing first week in February), and Zymeworks in Vancouver (but they hate me).