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Christmas Greetings: A Year in Review

Hello blog readers, Last year was my first Christmas away from Manitoba and all the family. I had a great time in Edinburgh with my friend from Shad Valley, Steven, and his family who adopted me for a week. But … Continue reading

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SE Accreditation

Wohooo! We actually graduated from an accredited Engineering program. Shocker! Now I can wear my ring with pride.

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Random Links, Pictures, and Thoughts

Right now I’m house sitting for Joy, who left to Winnipeg on Thursday. It’s nice having the house to myself. I love the freedom of being able to walk around naked. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to get a bachelor apartment … Continue reading

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Convocation – Our 0th Reunion

This weekend felt like our 0th reunion. Although we’ve only been out of school for 2 months, this weekend was a last chance to get together before everyone spreads across the globe in search of success. And now, after many … Continue reading

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I’m Finished And Off In Search of Bigger Things

School is officially done. I finished my last exam on Thursday, shipped my meager possessions back home, and moved out of residence on Friday. Marks have started appearing on Quest and so-far-so-good. But the scary courses have yet to report … Continue reading

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Because I really should be studying for my CS 370 final tomorrow, but can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm, I bring you a collection of websites that have wasted my time today: Procrastinating Students Spell Out Their Exam Frustrations at … Continue reading

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More GradBall pictures

Memories from GradBall keep coming in. Lisa and Ben have both posted quick memories from GradBall. And Ben has his pictures on Flickr. Some of my favourites:                           … Continue reading

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