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Vancouver’s Zero Waste Market

Zero Waste Market

Here’s a new business that I’m really excited about – Vancouver’s Zero Waste Market. The idea is a grocery store that completely avoids packaging. You have to bring your own containers and fill them from their bulk bins.

They don’t have a store front yet (they said they’re considering locations in Kitsilano, Olympic Village, and Main). In the meantime, they’ve been operating monthly pop-up shops in the Patagonia store on 4th Avenue and advertising on it Facebook.

I didn’t know what to expect, so I grabbed a bunch of empty jars from our cupboards and a few cloth bags.
Empty Jars

I was able to fill them with quinoa, dried mango, dried pineapple, walnuts, chocolate, cranberries, hemp seeds, mushrooms, and a red onion.
Zero Waste Market Purchases

Most of the waste we generate at home is food packaging. If we were able to eliminate that, we would be close to a zero-waste family.

Crazy Sustainable Commute

August 27th is Crazy Sustainable Commute Day in Vancouver. You’re encouraged to get to work by the wackiest sustainable method you can think of. Some suggestions are taking a canoe, pogo-stick, horse, unicycle, stilts, etc.

The video is hilarious, and a must watch for anyone working at Business Objects/SAP. I still haven’t decided how I’ll commute that day.