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Sutra – Vegan Dining in Seattle

Seattle has some great vegetarian restaurants. Last weekend we had the chance to try a few new ones and I was really impressed by Sutra. They offer a 5-course fixed meals for $40 with a menu that changes every 2 weeks. Everything is vegan and they use a lot of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Everything we got was really tasty. All 5 courses were solid. Here’s what we got to eat.
Sutra 1st/2nd course Sutra 3rd course Sutra 4th course Sutra Dessert
First & Second Course: Miso-Roasted Parsnip-Matsutake Soup with Umeboshi Drizzle served aside a salad of Arugula-Watercress-Shaved Fennel-Asian Pear-Smoked Lentil-Candied Sunflower Seed and a Black Vinaigrette

Third Course: Celery Root-Pumpkin Seed & Parsley Pesto-Marina d’Chioggia Squash Dumpling, Sautéed Kohlrabi & Brussel Sprout with Ponzu & Sesame Seed

Fourth Course: Sea Broth-Cashew Cheese Risotto with Roasted Wax Turnip and Juan de Doub Carrot, Grilled Wild Foraged Hon Shimeji with Mirin-Sundried Tomato-Thyme Sauce & Fried Caperberry

Fifth Course: Jona Gold Apple-Pecan-Carmel Torte with a Ginger-Lime Coconut Whip

The soup and salad were delicious. The squash dumping was imaginative. The risotto was a little disappointing, but only because its the default vegan menu item at most restaurants. And the torte with the whipped coconut for dessert was fabulous.

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Long Weekend in Seattle by Train

Seattle King Street Station
I love the Amtrak Cascades line. It’s hands down the best way to travel from Vancouver to Seattle. You have beautiful views of the ocean, no border waits (you pre-clear customs in Vancouver), the seats are roomy, and there’s free wifi and power outlets.

Emily and I took the train down to visit friends in Seattle, try some vegetarian restaurants, and do some shopping. It was great seeing some of the Waterloo crew and hearing about the latest gossip at Microsoft, Amazon, and the Seattle startup world.

Seattle Freeway Broadway Separated Bike Lane Seattle Big Wheel
I like Seattle but it’s a lot harder to get around without a car. We used a combination of public transit, taxis, and walking and I was amazed by how bad traffic was all weekend long. The good news is there are new light rail lines and cycle tracks under construction.

Marina and Hotel Bellwether Yellow Leaves
On the way back to Vancouver, we spent a day in Bellingham. I was impressed to find the city is more then the malls along the interstate. There are two cute historic downtowns (Fairhaven and Bellingham) with some interesting shops, good restaurants, fancy hotels, and spas. We stayed at Hotel Bellwether on Sunday night, walked around during the day, spent the afternoon The Chrysalis Spa, and had dinner at ‎Keenan’s at the Pier.

By the Power of Brocolli

More reasons to become vegetarian…
Meat prices set to soar as production costs mount: analyst “Poor weather in wheat-producing regions of Canada and Europe has contributed to the price increase. In addition, more wheat and oilseed crops are being used to produce biofuels.” The more I hear about biofuels, the worse the idea seems. We’re so addicted to cars, we’re desperate to keep them running (in the face of peak oil and global warming) that we’ll try anything, no matter the auxiliary costs.

Urban Microfarming: A Smart Solution For Vacant Lots “urban gardening movement has taken hold in backyards and community gardens. The harvest…produced at reasonable cost and in areas where fresh organic produce can be difficult to find.” What a great idea. There’s aren’t that many vacant lots in Vancouver (I have seem urban gardens under the Sky Train), but most cities have lots of empty space. According to the article, Detroit has 20,000 vacant lots that are now available to garden with a free permit.

In 2 weeks, London will ban cars from most roads in the core and open them up to bicycles for one day. The event will be called London Freewheel and is the brainchild of London mayor Ken Livingstone. Should be quite the party.

One of the big differences between Vancouver and Seattle is that in Vancouver has a walkable, public waterfront. This is what Vancouver would look like if it put cars ahead of pedestrians (like Seattle does). Photo courtesy of Northwest Progressive Institute.
Elevate Vancouver

Collection of Links

A real update is coming soon. I promise.

Vancouver Kicks Seattle’s Butt. First, in Quality of Living. And coming soon, the WHL Playoffs – Go, Giants, Go!

10 Manly Handbags – my personal favourites: the decapitated head and the keyboard bag.

More meat = More Breast Cancer – I sleep better knowing by breasts are safer.

Disembodied voice to scold Brits for bad behavior – It’s weird enough knowing your actions are filmed all the time, but having someone publicly comment on them would freak me out.

Sleepless in Seattle

Sarah and Yuxi Cook up a StormI really should have written about this earlier when last weekend was fresher in my mind. Oh well, better late than never. Last weekend I took a bus down to Seattle to hang with the dozens of Waterloo friends that are now living down there.

<lj-cut text="Seattle Trip Details"The bus was really convenient and pretty cheap. $40 return with my student card (I have to use it while I can, it expires in 3 weeks) on Quick Coach. Between Quick and Amtrak there’s 10 buses running a day. Now, I have excuses not to visit again. Especially, after I had such a great time last weekend.

Friday night I spent the evening at Lorrissa’s drinking wine and talking with Lorrissa, Erin, Graeme (who was gracious enough to pick me up and drive me down to Bellevue), Greg, and Sarah. It was a great night and reminded me of all the countless late nights spent chatting in Waterloo. Most of the conversation centred around relationships, with some talk of work and the Microsoft bubble, university reminiscing, and the differences between Canada and the US.

Saturday was breakfast at IHOP, an American institution. It was the first time I’ve been without being hung-over. It didn’t make the food any better, just typical, greasy, diner fare.

Saturday night was a potluck at Greg’s. It was loads of fun. The highlights being the great food (they even went out of there way to ensure there was some veggie options – thanks!), the uber-nerdy Microsoft employees, worshipping Greg’s humongous 50 inch LCD tv (I guess size does matter), and playing Mafia. I love Mafia. What a great game – so much intrigue, lying, and strategy. I can’t wait to play it again. I’m thinking at Christmas there should be enough people out at the farm to get a good game going.

StunnedSunday was spent chilling with Sarah, Greg, and Yuxi in Seattle before jumping back on a bus to Vancouver. Being in Vancouver for the weekend made me think of how different life would have been had I took the job at Microsoft. On one hand, I’d have more friends to hang out with – friends who through those party I love to go to, and with lots of great toys and money to blow on ridiculously pimped out cars and ginormous tvs. On the other hand, I’d be living in Bellevue – the epitome of bad urban planning that centers on cars not people. I couldn’t believe how spread out the city is there. You can’t get anywhere without driving, which explains why everyone I know at Microsoft has recently purchased a new car. Even in Seattle, a big urban centre, people still drive everywhere. I had to walk 4 blocks through downtown from Sarah’s to the bus stop, and I saw like 2 other people. The streets were just deserted. I’ve gotten used to Vancouver, where there are constantly people walking everywhere downtown.

I have to say I’m happy I’m in Vancouver. The city is so much cooler, I heard that the team I would have been working at Microsoft is flopping, and I wouldn’t have met Emily in Seattle.

Canadian Living

I’ve only been here a day, but I’m already starting to notice some profound changes:

Last 4 months Next 4 months
Intern Undergrad
Making money Paying tuition
Green USD$ Multi-coloured CDN$
MS Badge UW Student ID
Sunny 75 F Rainy 11 C
1 absentee roommate 1 male & 2 female roommates
Master bedroom Basement dungeon
Queen-sized bed Foam twin mattress
Satellite tv with surround sound Basic cable on 14″ tv
Dishwasher Dish clothe
Steadily finishing work Avoiding writing work report
Burritoes Perogies
Pro Club Columbia Ice Fields
Jon Stewart Rick Mercer
Gas can parties on weekends Gas can party on Wednesday before Bomber