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Marathon Training – Week 8

Sunny Sunday Seawall
More running. No injuries. All is good.

On Sunday, Erica and I (both recovering from injuries) only did 15km instead of the 26 the rest of the group did. I felt ok (other than the nipple chafe from the rain), but didn’t want to push it.

I was disappointed when the Vega rep cancelled his guest lecture for our running group on Tuesday. I showed up early all set to get some sweet samples and impress him with my knowledge of the Thrive Diet. But the rep got the flu. Obviously he’s not a real vegan, as real vegans are immune to disease.

Instead we went out and did a hard hill workout at Queen Elizabeth Park. I killed it. Not only did I run them quickly, but more importantly, consistently – my 6 reps up the hill were between 2:02 and 2:05.

I’m really enjoying the runner’s yoga course. Lots of stretching of the hamstrings, strengthening of the core, and the dreaded plank position.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 14.8 Long 1:29:20 6:02 map
Monday Yoga
Tuesday 12.7 Hills 1:14:14 5:49 map
Wednesday Off
Thursday Physio
Friday 8.3 Tempo 0:38:20 4:38 map
Saturday Off
Running Total 35.8 3:21:54 5:38

8 week done, 9 more until race day. Almost half way there. Last weeks results are here.

Marathon Training – Week 7

Running along the Seawall
I’m slowly ramping up my marathon training to the level it was when I hurt my calf. This week I added some speed work and was able to run 10 km without any pain. In addition to running, I went to my first runner’s yoga class on Monday. There was a substitute teacher, so I’m not sure what it will be like when Mike Dennison is there, but I’m going to continue going to the course. I need the increased flexibility and core strength.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 7.9 X-Country Skiing 1:27:26 11:01 map
Monday 6.0 Tempo 0:29:59 5:59 map
Tuesday Off
Wednesday 10.4 Steady 0:54:39 5:16 map
Thursday Off
Friday Off
Saturday 5.2 Fartlek 0:24:47 4:48 map
Running Total 21.6 1:49:25 5:04

7 week past, 10 more until race day. Last weeks results are here.

Marathon Training – Week 5

Cambie Running Room Run Club
Back of left lower extremityAfter a few days of rest I went running again on Sunday. My achilles felt good for the first half of the run, but after 10 km I noticed it was getting sore (especially on the hills) so I stopped running and took the bus home.

It was sore for two days after and I haven’t been running since. On Thursday I went to see a physiotherapist. The good news I don’t have achilles tendinitis and should be able to run the marathon. The bad news is I’m still injured. I have a strained calf muscle where it meets the achilles.

The recovery path includes lots of stretching, strengthening, and slowly adding back running. I have three exercises to stretch and strengthen my calves, hamstrings, and hips – calf raises on the stairs with bent and straight knees, a dynamic stretch against the wall for my hamstring, and side stepping with a resistance band around my ankles to strengthen my hip muscles. Next week I’m going to add running back in, starting at 5 km, mixing 5 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking, and working up from there until I catch up to the Running Room run clinic (they’re up to 20 km on Sundays now). I’m also going to add strength training at the gym and runners yoga into my schedule.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 11.8 Long 1:07:12 5:42 map
Monday Off
Tuesday Injured
Wednesday Strength
Thursday Injured
Friday Injured
Saturday Injured
Running Total 11.8 1:07:12 5:42

5 week downs, 12 more until race day. Last weeks results are here.