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Moving Up

I’ve given up my princely pad on Beach, the guy palace I shared with Dan to move into a lovely one-bedroom apartment with Emily in the trendy Main Street area. Although it was tough leaving Dan, who’s been an awesome roommate for the past 2 1/2 years, I’m looking forward to living with Emily. Change is always good, and this change will grow our relationship.

The move went pretty smoothly. I rented a set of reusable bins from Frog Box, which arrived 4 days before our move date and slowly packed up all my possessions during the week. I have a lot of stuff. A small percentage of it I was able to get rid of (mostly clothes that haven’t been worn once since I moved to Vancouver), but the there was also a lot of stuff I’ve slowly acquired of the past 2 1/2 years in Vancouver that I never thought much about – recreational gear, electronics, books, board games, and lots of furniture.

Emily and I were lucky that we were able to move into our place a few days before December 1, so the weekend before we got a crew of volunteers, Dan rented a moving truck, and we moved all of our stuff into our new places. With Dylan, Christina, Rhea, Brian, Theresa, and Ambrose helping (thanks again!) we made short work of the move. We still have some unpacking to do, but we’re starting to settle in.

Our new place is really nice. I love the location. It’s on a quiet residential street 2 blocks from Main and Broadway. So we get the benefit of all the shopping and bus routes, but without any street noise. There’s a brand-new community centre being built a block away, and some of my favourite vegetarian restaurants are within walking distance – The Foundation, Budgies Burritos, Bo Kong, and Radha. The only downside is the distance from work. I still haven’t tried to bike it yet – hopefully I’ll be able to a few times next week, but it will take close to an hour.

The apartment is really nice inside – hardwood floors, big bedroom and living room, and new appliances (including a dishwasher!). The only downside is the tiny kitchen. We bought a mobile counter to put just inside the living room to give us a bit more kitchen space. Some of the changes I’ve still getting used to, like having a dishwasher; not having to listen to automobile noises off the bridge all night; not having an XBox (I’ll end up buying one soon); and picking up free digital TV channels. Our little antenna picked up crappy channels downtown – the shopping channel was the only one that came through cleanly. Now we get CBC, CTV, and Global in crystal clear digital. Why would anyone pay for cable?

You would probably expect moving in with the girlfriend would be the biggest change to get used to, but Emily and I have been spending so much time together lately, that we’ve pretty much been living together, but in two different homes. The only tension so far has been around squeezing all of our stuff into a one bedroom apartment. We’re going shopping for a dresser today, because our closet is bursting at the seams.
Leaving Beach  Gear  Moving Into Main  Bursting  Together at last

Collection of Links

Water FightCanadian Businesses Get Help Shrinking Carbon Footprint – this is an initiative being run by Ecotrust Canada, the Pembina Institute, and the David Suzuki Foundation. Ecotrust Canada is the organization that Emily is working for now.

Ten squeeze for shelter in outhouse during storm – this was a story about a friend from elementary school, David Nakonechny who had to jam into an outhouse with 9 friends during a fierce windstorm while camping in the Whiteshell. I should have posted it earlier because it’s gone into the pay archive.

Bedbugs spreading across Vancouver – we had a bedbug scare a few months ago. I always thought they were something from nursery rhymes, but they exist. Back in May, Emily and I both got bites on our arms and and I got some on my chest over the course of a few days. She had bedbugs when she was in New York, so she knew what they were. We quickly washed all of the sheets and clothes, vacuumed everything in the house, and I bought dust-mite covers for my mattress and bedspring. Luckily, that seemed to do the trick, because we haven’t had any bites since. We must have just had one bug. Not sure where he came from, but it was just after Dan came back from the Dominican, so maybe one jumped a ride in his suitcase.

My photo featured on Beyond Robson. Wow. I’m like totally a famous photographer now.

A Sunny Day of Reflection

I went for a run today. I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was outside. Sunny, +16, and just gorgeous outside. It seemed like everyone in the city was outside celebrating the day off and enjoying the amazing weather. The seawall was crowded, the beaches were full of people in shorts and t-shirts kicking soccer balls around and lounging in the sun. Every few hundred meters I got a whiff of some potent BC bud. It was a perfect Vancouver day.
Nim  Taking a Break  The ski crew  Getting Ready to Ride  At the Peak  Dan

The last few weeks have been busy but good. My birthday celebrations stretched over 3 days this year. Saturday night we ended up at Cafe Deux Soleils for vegetarian foood (he he he oh the non-vegetarians weren’t expecting that) and lots of drinks. Then on Sunday, Kevin, Nim, Dan, Christina and her friend Jimmy, and trekked up to Whistler for a beautiful day of spring skiing and snowboarding.
Birthday Guests  Dan, Stef, and Scott  Birthday Cake

Then on Tuesday, we had pineapple upside-down cake at work, thanks to Christina’s mad baking skills. I definitely milked my 24th birthday for all it was worth.

Other highlights of the past 2 weeks:
Vancouver’s Giant Pillow Fight – the rain held off just long enough for 15 minutes of joyful pillow smashing with strangers. It was actually a lot of fun. It was funny watching everyone mill about casually with pillows jammed in backpacks or in jackets and then go mad exactly 3 pm. Dan got some photos that I’ll try to steal and post, but in the mean time you can check out Flickr or gnb‘s pictures.
vancouver pillowfight 2007 - downy explosion  vancouver pillowfight 2007

Dan’s old roommate, Adam, who’s working at Microsoft now, came up to visit two weeks ago. He was lots of fun and brought us a few Xbox games from the Microsoft store. I stayed up to 3:30 am playing Kameo last night, but I finished the game, so I can have my life back.
Last Friday, Stef, Theresa, and Ambrose came over for a potluck-ish dinner and a night of boardgames. It was fun and the food was amazing. I’m hoping to plan a bigger boardgame night in a few weeks. A Saturday night orgy of Mafia, Blokus, Settlers, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, Apples 2 Apples, and some other games I have in my closet. Stay tuned.

Dan’s off being a good Christian and visiting his adopted family. So I had the apartment to myself tonight, and I took full advantage. I went grocery shopping and partook in some amazing naked cooking. I recommend you try it some time. It’s very tranquil. Just be careful when you’re draining pots of boiling water because it sometimes splashes. Tonight’s meal was a greek dish with white kidney beans, orzo, and various vegetables. I managed to cut my thumb on a can edge and was gushing blood everywhere. I couldn’t find a decent sized band-aid, so I ended up ducttaping gauze to my thumb. It seems to have worked pretty well.

Comings and Goings

Lots new happening here in Vancouver.

I moved desks at work. No longer do I sit in my own little island, isolated from the rest of the team. Now, I’m near my team and near natural light, which is good because once the clocks roll back I probably won’t be going outside much in the daytime.

Pink Sky at NightI saw 3 movies in the past week. Men At Work – a strange Iranian comedy at the Vancouver film fest. Shortbus – which was playing at the VIFF and is now showing at a regular cinema. I really, really enjoyed Shortbus. There’s a lot of sex scenes, but it’s all tastily filmed (mmmm sex). The characters were hilarious. And I loved the cinematography. They sequenced between shots by showing these almost cartoony shots of New York that reminded me a lot of HDR photos. Lastly, I saw Loose Change – the Internet phenomenon and 9/11 conspiracy theory movie. It was a pretty compelling watch. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you can watch all 90 minutes on Google Video. Ben – was this what Coco and Louisa were talking to you about?

Emily left on Wednesday morning and it hasn’t stopped raining here since. It’s like the weather is mourning her loss with me. I’m happy and excited for her, but it’s going to be a tough 6 months while she’s gone. She’s been the best part of my time here and Vancouver won’t be the same without her.

Where has she disappeared to you ask? Well Orford, Quebec of course. But she’s only there for a few days of jedi training. Then more training in London, Ontario. Then she flies to Accra, Ghana were she’ll be working (to save the world) for 5 months. You can read all about her adventures on her blog – Beams Away.

In the meantime, you can find spending 10 hour days at work, watching lots of Grey’s Anatomy and Battlestar Galactica, and cooking with Daniel. We’ve decided to cook together once a week. Last night was vegetarian lasagna and it was the best I’ve ever made. Almost approaching mom-standards. Starting in December I’ll have snowboarding and nursing snowboarding-related injuries to keep me occupied, as I’m getting a seasons pass to Cyprus with some co-workers.

Furniture Shopping

My goal today was to buy some furniture. We still need a futon, kitchen table and chairs, and lamps for the common areas and I need a desk and bedside table for my bedroom. I visited a few stores this afternoon, but didn’t see anything I liked. I did manage to buy a pair of new Rockport shoes though. They’re super comfy.

When I got home, I went down to the basement to see if anyone was throwing stuff away. The last couple of days people have been moving out and leaving stuff behind in the laundry room. I saw a ratty couch in their yesterday and some kitchen stuff – from which I grabbed a punch bowl ladle (never know when you’ll need a punch bowl ladle). When I went down tonight, there was a newish looking futon bed and an ghetto tv. I quickly grabbed Daniel and we hauled up the futon. We couldn’t believe people were just giving it away. It looks pretty new and is in good shape.

As we quickly grabbed it and moved it up in the elevator, we felt like we were stealing it and didn’t want to run into anyone. On the elevator on the way up, a guy in a suit joined us on the 17th floor. It’s really weird to see someone going up from their floor. He got off on the 27th floor were a classy party was going. After the door opened another partier said hi to our friend and then went “Hey, you got the couch”. Then the door closed. I hope that means he was in deed giving it away and not just storing it down there to make room for the party. He seemed amused we were taking it.

The couch looks really good in our living room (especially compared to nothing). It’s a great find, but I’ll keep my eye open for signs next week asking if anyone knows about a stolen couch.

We grabbed the ghetto tv anyway. We just wanted to see if we were getting free cable without our knowledge. Sadly, we only pick up a few stations full of static and one crystal clear foreign language channel. It was showing some 80s sitcom dubbed in Spanish and after that Chinese news.

Birthdays, Bowling, Betting, & Butchering French (Oh…and some Vagina)

Saturday was my 23rd Birthday. I’m getting old. I celebrated in old-man fashion and did homework all day. So not much to say there.

On Thursday night, I went to see the Vagina Monologues with Erin. It was a great opportunity to explore my feminine side and feel like a dork while women laughed at inside jokes not meant for male ears. Actually I laughed along too and even found it funny. And I wasn’t the only guy there, but we were outnumbered about 10:1 which is very un-Waterloo. The best was when a guy burst out laughing at one point and was the only person laughing. I was embarassed for him.

I felt awkward going, was intimidated by the lady in the giant vagina costume at the door, and felt the need to crack dumb jokes until the play started to settle myself. But I’m glad I went. I didn’t realize women had such complicated relationships with their body parts, or at least this body part.

On Friday night, Ben, Lorrissa, Erin, and I celebrated my birthday. It was kind of a celebration of all our birthdays at once since Ben’s was in January, Lorrissa’s in February, and Erin’s is in April and this was the first time we did anything. We went to the Mongolian Grill for dinner. I stuffed myself with stir fry, then surcumed to peer pressure and ordered dessert with everyone else, then just before we got our bill the staff came out singing Happy Birthday and brought another piece of cake. We were all stuffed, but I found a way to eat most of it. I felt sick.

After dinner, we headed down to Kitchener for some Cosmic Glow Bowling. Lorrissa was a machine the first game. I think she had 5 strikes in her last 6 frames. She said her motivation was all the trash talking I did before the game. So, I really needed to step it up. The 2nd game we both started with strikes in the first 2 frames. Then she missed her third, and I went on to get 5 strikes in the first 5 frames. I was on fire, but then quickly fizzled out. I think I only had around 180 in the end, but still beat Lorrissa. The third game was the rubber match, with Ben and Erin fighting not to be last. I think Erin won by one point in the aggregate scores. Poor Ben. Beaten by 2 girls! I managed to beat Lorrissa again to reign supreme!

After bowling, we came back to rez and played poker, cribbage, and talked until 4 am. It was lots of fun. Once midnight hit and my birthday started my luck went all downhill. I got knocked out of poker, then lost in cribbage to Erin and 4 player match with Ben to Erin and Lorrissa. I now owe Lorrissa a home-made dinner and Erin and Lorrissa breakfast.

After I left Lorrissa and Erin’s and made the long trek accross the hallway back to our place, I had difficulty getting back into my room. During the night, Birthday fairies had visited and taped the door shut using Birthday streamers. I can’t be certain who it was, but it had certain resemblences to the decoration job last year at Microsoft. So thanks Greg and Sarah!

Saturday was spent doing the most tedious work on our VOIP system for Testing and butchering French using the Google Language tools to translate everything in our GUI from English to French. Worst Birthday Ever! (But the 2 nights before were fun)

I can’t wait to move to Vancouver so I can take part in pillow fights and Manhunt.

Erinn: That remixed Fall Out Boy is whacked!