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Cycling to Steveston

West Dyke Trail
Emily and I celebrated BC Day with a lovely bike ride to Steveston. It was our first time biking there and I was really impressed. I never knew Richmond had a good network of greenways, trails, and bike lanes. Obviously other people did, because Steveston was packed with cyclists.

Middle Arm Trail
We took the SkyTrain to Aberdeen and then biked along the Middle Arm Trail, past the Olympic Oval and across from the airport, where we had great views of planes taking off from YVR and float planes landing on the river.

Richmond West Dyke Trail
We continued down the West Dyke Trail, past marshy tidal flats and a farm with grazing cows.

Steveston Wild Salmon Fish and Chips
In Steveston, we wandered around town, checked out the pier, and ate deep-fried oysters, wild salmon, and chips (bad vegans, I know). I was surprised how many tourists in Steveston were there to check out Storybrooke, the fictional town Steveston becomes when Once Upon a Time is filming.

Railway Greenway
Our return trip was a quick zip down the Railway Greenway, a paved and separated route running the length of Richmond. The greenway follows the old Interurban train line and the former stops are marked with timetables painted on the ground – a clever way to highlight the history of the route.

All-in-all, it was a great, relaxing bike ride and a fun day. The route is completely flat and mostly separated from automobile traffic. Steveston is a perfect destination, with a popular pier, restaurants, and fish market. A perfect day trip.

Steveston Bike Ride Map
Our route there was a scenic 11.4 km and took us 1 hour.
The route back was 9.4 km and took us only 38 minutes.

More photos on Flickr.

Blueberries By Bike

Yesterday Emily and I went blueberry picking in Richmond. We didn’t think it was possible to go berry picking without a car, but it was actually really easy. We took the Canada Line to Brighouse Station and then biked 15 minutes (mostly along bike lanes and paths) to a blueberry farm on No. 5 Road.

I was impressed with the bike facilities in Richmond. The city is pancake flat, lacking the hills of Vancouver. Most of Westminster Highway had a bike lane on it, and when we turned on to Shell Road it was a car-free recreational trail. A map of our route is below. Note: Google Maps originally wanted to send us down No. 5 Road instead of the Shell Road Trail. Luckily with Street View we were able to find a better route.

The No. 5 Blueberry Farm had very tasty organic blueberries. It only took us 1 hour to pick 6.5 pounds, and eat our fill. They charge $3 per picker, plus $2 per pound.

There are a few other u-pick farms in Richmond that are easily accessible by Canada Line and biking. We’ll have to make this a regular Sunday outing.

Blueberry Bush Organic Blueberries Farm No 5 Shell Road Trail Westminster Highway Bike Lane