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Random Linkfest

CBC is going to put one of their shows on BitTorrent. How cool is that? The Next Great Prime Minister will be available to download, DRM-free, on March 24, the day after it airs. I’m pressed.

The only time I’ll agree with the Vatican – polluting is a sin. Not to sound too reasonable, they also say birth control is a sin too.

I’m not sure how it happened, but at work I’ve become the keeper of the timezones and tasked with making all the changes Daylight Savings Time – one of my least favourite tasks. And you’d be surprised how often countries tinker with the dates. As such, I’ve developed a real hate for DST – I’ve always failed to see how it’s supposed to save electricity. Well, it turns out it doesn’t – Daylight Saving Wastes Energy (WSJ).

Those wacky social conservatives in Ottawa are at it again. This time trying to censor films they find “offensive” – which I’m sure is a lot of them. Films like Young People Fucking, which I haven’t seen yet but was highly recommended and I’m hoping to see it soon.

Light exercise boosts energy levels – one more reason to bike to work.

Houses are really, REALLY unaffordable, especially in Vancouver. I’m still hoping the housing market crash is on the way.

Random Links, Pictures, and Thoughts

Right now I’m house sitting for Joy, who left to Winnipeg on Thursday. It’s nice having the house to myself. I love the freedom of being able to walk around naked. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to get a bachelor apartment in Vancouver. I was looking at shared accomadation with randoms, but Daniel (another Waterloo grad) just started a week after me and is looking for a place too. We have appointments to see a few places on Monday. This cool Craigslist / Google Maps mashup has been useful. It isn’t able to grab all Craigslist listings because of address formating issues, but its still pretty suite. For those of you looking for places to rent in any big city, check it out.

I ran across this a while ago. I thought it was cool. Google Trends: Lets you compare popularity of things using search volume. Like Dislocated Shoulders vs Broken Arms, Vegetarian vs Atikings, or Italy vs France. Try it, it’s fun.

Some new pictures on Flickr (among many):
Toga Ben   Sun on the Face  Ben Sleeping  Baseball Diamond

And from Convocation Weekend:
Valedictory Address  The Porter Family  Christopher and Baba  The Grad and the Proud parents  Siblings  Kelsey  Porter Family  Rockstars

And from the hiking trip to Lynn Canyon on Monday with Emily:
Lynn Canyon  Iced Feet  Feet on Rock  Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge

CBC carried the monthly jobless rate figures. It really bothers me that Manitoba has had the 2nd lowest jobless rate in Canada for like a year and gets no credit for it. All you ever hear about is how Alberta has this red hot economy. The jobless rate in Alberta is now at 3.5% and Manitoba is 3.6%. Although maybe that’s because people keep leaving Manitoba for Boom Town Alberta and the oil-town salaries. There’s a real skilled labour shortage in Western Canada right now.

After 2 weeks of CFL football, the home team had won every game (well except Montreal beating the lowly Ticats in Hamilton). I thought the trend would continue, but then Winnipeg had to roll into Toronto and put a licking to the Argonauts. Oh well. 🙂 I’m happy the Bombers are doing well. I wnat to see a B.C. vs Winnipeg Final.