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December Birthday Parties

I think December-babies must work extra hard to ensure their birthday parties stand out from all the other holiday festivities. There’s no other way to explain the two awesome birthday parties I went to in the past two weeks.

David Hirtle hosted a Geekathlon for his 30th birthday party. Attendees competed to claim the Geek gold medal with events featuring a classic video game (Sonic), computer game (Star Control), card game (WoW), board game (Settler of Catan), and nerdy trivia. I did ok in most events, but my Geek-fu wasn’t nearly as strong as my competitors. I’m thinking of hosting a follow-up for my 30th birthday in March.
Nerdy Geekathlete WoW Battle Going for Geekathlon Gold Geekathlon Nerdy Beers

Emily and Tina’s annual joint-birthday party was themed after the Portlandia Put a Bird On It skit. It was great to see all the creative costumes, with lots of birds and hipsters on display. Lots more photos here.

Tweet Watermelon Bird Cage Penguin army Angry Bird Cheese