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Geekathlon 3.0 Birthday Party

Geekathlon 3.0
I celebrated my 30th birthday in style this year, with an all-day party combining my favourite things in life – running, gaming, and eating. I went for a 32 km run in the morning, competed in a Geekathlon in the afternoon, and hosted a dinner party in the evening with loads of yummy vegan food.

Running 30km for 30 years Running Twins
Early in the morning, I went for a 30+ km run. Amazingly, I managed to convince 4 friends to join me. Dan and Katie ran the first 12 km, Owen ran 25, and Dustin ran 32 km with me out to Burnaby Lake and back.

Event 1 - Crokinole Event 2 - Jetpack Joyide Event 3 - Bomberman
Later in the afternoon, I invited my 12 nerdiest friends to compete in a Geekathlon, inspired by Hirtle’s 30th birthday. The round robin tested everyone’s geek-fu, pitting pools of 4 players against each other in bouts of crokinole, Jetpack Joyride (ipad), and Bomberman (xbox). The final event was a 6-player showdown of King of Tokyo with the top 2 players from each pool competing in the A-Final, and the bottom two in the B-Final.

Crokinole Geeks
Katie got a bonus point for the geekiest outfit.
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December Birthday Parties

I think December-babies must work extra hard to ensure their birthday parties stand out from all the other holiday festivities. There’s no other way to explain the two awesome birthday parties I went to in the past two weeks.

David Hirtle hosted a Geekathlon for his 30th birthday party. Attendees competed to claim the Geek gold medal with events featuring a classic video game (Sonic), computer game (Star Control), card game (WoW), board game (Settler of Catan), and nerdy trivia. I did ok in most events, but my Geek-fu wasn’t nearly as strong as my competitors. I’m thinking of hosting a follow-up for my 30th birthday in March.
Nerdy Geekathlete WoW Battle Going for Geekathlon Gold Geekathlon Nerdy Beers

Emily and Tina’s annual joint-birthday party was themed after the Portlandia Put a Bird On It skit. It was great to see all the creative costumes, with lots of birds and hipsters on display. Lots more photos here.

Tweet Watermelon Bird Cage Penguin army Angry Bird Cheese

Cabbage Roll Making Party

bringing the cabbage role to life
Our weekly vegetable basket from Fresh Roots CSA had a giant head of cabbage in it. What do you do with all that cabbage? As my Baba always says, when life gives you kapusta you make cabbage rolls. So, I invited a few friends over for a cabbage roll making / board game playing party.

I used this recipe for vegan cabbage rolls, but need to triple the amount of filling and only used a single head of cabbage. I also replaced the TVP with chickpeas. There was more than enough for 8 people to eat, plus leftovers for everyone to take home.

Cabbage Roll Making Party

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Shuswap Lake Houseboat

Shuswap Hot Tub
To celebrate our crew of friends getting older (Dan’s 30th and Erica’s “29th”), we spent the Labour Day long weekend partying on a houseboat crammed with 24 people. We had good food, lots of alcohol, swimming in the lake, a glow-stick dance party with a piñata, and bonfires on the beach. It was a party weekend, but our boat was pretty tame compared to the craziness we witnessed on other boats that docked on the beach each night.

Loading up the boat and sleeping in the cubbyhole.
Lake Mara Wheelbarrow Loading Cubby Hole Accomadations

When it was sunny out, there was lots of deck space to lounge.
Sunny Morning Deck Chairs Relaxing Morning
Decktop Relaxing Captain Christina

Beaching the boat was tricky the first time, but we got the hang of it.
Beaching Knot Tying Driving the Stake

How not to land a boat (some drunken neighbours arrive).
How Not to Land a Boat

The lake had the warmest water I’ve found in BC.
Pineapple Toss Houseboat Leap Lake Floaties

Good food and lots of booze.
Vegetable BBQHouseboat Alcohol

More photos on Flickr. Videos of the fun we had with the boat’s slide below.
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Our Perfect Wedding

Rocky Mountain Bride & Groom
The toughest question for any recently engaged couple is Who do we invite to our wedding? When Emily and I decided to get married last fall (it was a mutual decision, sorry no YouTube engagement video), we knew we didn’t want a huge wedding (with the logistics of guests spread out all over North America) and we didn’t want to elope (stress-free but not much of a celebration). We wanted a small wedding, and that didn’t mean under 100 people.

Our perfect wedding was an intimate weekend with 18 guests in the Rocky Mountains, complete with snowshoeing, board games, and hot springs. Because we kept it small, it was relatively stress-free to plan and we had more time to spend with our family and friends. One of the main reason we decided to get married was to give our families an opportunity to spend time with each other. Emily and I dated for over 5 years, but before the wedding our parents had never met each other.

After the wedding, we had a bigger party in Vancouver to celebrate with our friends. We also made promises to our extended families that we would visit Toronto this summer and Winnipeg for Christmas. I know my aunts have been saving up embarrassing stories of me, and I feel bad for denying them the opportunity to share them at my wedding.

Weekend in Banff
Wedding Guests go Snowshoeing
We chose Banff as our wedding destination because it has great natural beauty, it was somewhere Emily and I wanted to visit anyway, and it is relatively easy to get to – or so we thought. Emily and I almost didn’t make it because of the ongoing labour dispute at Air Canada. We woke up on Saturday morning, and were about to leave for the airport when we found out our flight was cancelled. The situation was nerve-racking and comical, and everything worked out in the end. We had to shuffle the car rentals around, and rush to pick up our marriage license, but we arrived in Banff 4 hours late to find our families hanging out in the condo, drinking wine, and getting along splendidly. Any anxiety we had about them not getting along was quickly dispelled.

The wedding wasn’t until Monday afternoon, so we had a few days to spend with our friends and family before. We booked two multi-bedroom condos at the Inns of Banff, so we had a large living room to hang out in and a kitchen to cook meals in. The Moms cooked two fabulous dinners for us – no small feat considering how many vegans, celiacs, and food sensitivities there were in our small group.
Visiting at Condo

We spent most of Sunday ice walking and snowshoeing in the Banff National Park. In the morning, we hiked up the frozen Johnston Canyon. Then after a hearty lunch in Lake Louise, we snowshoed the Lakeshore trail. The two hikes were reasonably flat, but still a light workout. Not everyone made it for both, but I think most people enjoyed themselves. I was happy to get out into the fresh air and introduce snowshoeing to some of our city slicker friends from Toronto and New York.
Lake Louise Snowshoers jump for joy
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Musical Themed Birthday Party

Continuing a trend of spectacular themed birthday parties, Christina and Emily hosted a Musical themed party this year. There were characters from Moulin Rouge, Legally Blonde, Greece, Sweeney Todd, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, Chicago, Stomp, Aladdin, Flashdance, Little Shop of Horrors, Singin’ in the Rain, Mary Poppins, Phantom of the Opera, Glee, and few more I can’t remember now. The costumes were impressive – check out the pictures.

Appetizers Veggies Cheese Alcohol Bottles Empty Glasses Joseph and the Amazing Techinical Dreamcoat Greasy Phantom of the Opera Mrs. Lovett Flashdance Big Drum Stompin Chicago Bert Sweeney Todd Seymour and Audrey II Sunset Boulevard Birthday Blow Out Bert Weaves a Tale Sue Gets into the Spirit The Plant Takes Over Aladdin's Monkey Dance Costume Winners Party's Over

More pictures from Christina.