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Backpacking Vietnam – Halong Bay

Halong Bay Panoramic
Halong Bay is the gem of Vietnam and was the highlight of our trip. It’s impossible to capture the splendor of the area on a camera, but that didn’t stop me from trying. Halong Bay is extremely tranquil, with hundreds of small islands jutting up from the ocean protecting it from large ocean waves.
Karst Sea Shell Fractal Emily + Chris in Vietnam 2011
We split our 3 days in Halong Bay between a party boat with Hanoi Backpackers and adventure touring with Blue Swimmer. On the party boat, we got to drink, suntan, and swim. With Blue Swimmer, we got to do some serious kayaking, hiking, and cycling.
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Moving into Anni Friesinger’s Old Room in the Olympic Village

Since we announced we were moving into the Olympic Village, a lot of people have asked me “do you know which athlete lived in your unit during the Olympics?” I sure do. Sexy German speed skater Anni Friesinger was the former occupant of our suite.

How do I know? I did some sleuthing and discovered that 122 Walter Hardwick was occupied by Team Germany during the Olympics. Most of the German medal winners were staying up at Whistler, but the hockey team, speed skaters, figure skaters, and curlers were all in Vancouver.
Team Germany Has Arrived at Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village South and Is Expected to Win Most of the Medals

Now, I have no proof that Anni stayed in our unit, but until I find a name scratched into the wall or a stray hair that I can analyze for DNA, I’m going to just assume our unit was occupied by either Anni Friesinger or Andy Kapp, skip of the German curling team.
Photo by ygx

In all seriousness, I’m a bit surprised that more isn’t done to advertise the Olympic Village as the former home of Olympians. The two towers that were once full of Canadian athletes is now branded Canada House, but otherwise there aren’t any references left to the athletes who once resided in the units. Maybe it’s a privacy issue.

If anyone is trying to determine which athletes may have lived in a specific Olympic Village building, I’ve created this handy guide.
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