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Thanksgiving in Kamloops

Leaf Leap
This year for Thanksgiving we went to Kamloops to visit my sister’s family. There was lots to celebrate as my parents were also visiting and it was my nephew’s birthday. The three kids (Jacob 3, Astrid 2, and Nora 1) had a blast playing together and the adults enjoyed playing along and mediating the toy disputes.

One of the biggest hits was the pile of leaves on Kelsey’s front yard. And it was a great photo op.

We crammed a lot into the one full day we had. On Sunday we took the kids to drop-in gymnastics and then played skee ball, air hockey, and rode the merry-go-round at the arcade. While we were gone the other adults decorated the house for Jacob’s birthday party with streamers and balloons galore. In the afternoon we managed both a birthday party and Thanksgiving supper, almost blended into one. By seven pm the adults were ready for bed but Astrid and Jacob were running around yelling “party, party, party”.

Arcade Fun


Jacob's 3rd birthday

There were a lot of highs and lows between the cousins. Mostly fun and bonding but also screaming and hitting. It seemed like Jacob and Astrid only wanted to play with the toys the other one had. The most popular items were the fart gun, shopping basket, mixer, tool set, and push tricycle. We practiced a lot of taking turns (“my turn, two minutes” Astrid would say) and asking for what we wanted. They also spent lots of time hugging and teaching each other new tricks, like jumping off the sofa into a pile of pillows. Astrid also really enjoyed helping Nora, even though she’s 1-year old, walking confidently, and doesn’t need a lot of help.

We are so grateful that Astrid has cousins so close to her age and that they live only a few hours drive away.
Baba and Gigi and the Grandkids

More photos

Astrid – Easter Egg Hunts and Tantrums

Wild Hair
This blog post is a few weeks late. After Easter we all got sick (I had the flu plus a root canal, Emily and Astrid had colds), and we’ve been nervously anticipating another hospital visit for Astrid’s asthma. But now that Astrid seems to be getting better, it’s time to recap our adventures in March.

Hospital Visit #6
We were back in the hospital for Astrid’s 6th and 7th visits for Asthma on March 9th and 16th.Ugh. We seem to spend a lot of Friday nights hanging out with our doctor and nurse friends. Hopefully cold and flu season is now over and we can make it through the summer without more emergency room visits.

Hinge Park

Even when Astrid’s been sick, her playful personality hasn’t diminished. One night she woke up coughing at 1 am and couldn’t fall back asleep. I stayed up with her and we played with lego in our moonlit apartment, read stories, and had a snack. At one point she ran into the bathroom but it was too dark to see anything. She begged me me to turn on the lights, which I briefly did blinding both of us. She ran away and came back with sunglasses for both of us. We didn’t stay in the bathroom, but we did run around the house with our sunglasses on for another half an hour before she got tired and went to bed.

Toque and Sunglasses

Astrid has started asserting her will more and beginning the dreaded toddler tantrums. She’s had a few incidents where she’s completely lost it crying and flailing about. One time she wanted to wear her toque and sunglasses and refused to take them off at bedtime. Another time she refused to put on clean socks in the morning and insisted on wearing the dirty ones she found in the hamper. We’ve learned to pick our battles and to give her space when she’s freaking out.

On a cuter note, Astrid has learned how to say “I love you” or rather “I you“. The first night she said it back to me at bedtime she lay in bed saying “I you” repeatedly for 10 minutes, long after I had left the room.


The highlight of our month was our annual Easter trip to Kamloops to visit auntie Kelsey, uncle Matt, cousin Jacob, and baby Nora. It was great to see how much fun the cousins had playing together.

Little Chefs

Astrid and Jacob ran around the house together, learned to share toys, bounced on couches, and helped me make pancakes for breakfast. Jacob woke up every morning asking where Astrid was. And Astrid woke up asking to see the baby. She loved patting Nora on head and poking her in the eyes (amazingly she never made her cry).

Kids Table

The easter egg hunt was a huge success. With plastic eggs full of dried fruit and stickers at ground level for Astrid and Jacob to find, and eggs full of chocolate hidden higher up for the adults. Amazingly we got through the easter weekend without giving Astrid any chocolate. I’m not sure if that makes us good or bad parents.

Easter Egg Hunt


It took Nora a few days to warm up to us, but we became best friends by the end of the weekend.

Emily, Nora, and Me

More pictures from March and Easter.

Canada Day Long Weekend in Kamloops

Beach Time
Emily and I spent the Canada Day long weekend in Kamloops enjoying the awesome company of my sister Kelsey and her partner Matt. Even with the intense, record-setting heat (hitting +38 C), we spent a lot of time outside. We did some hiking, we picnicked at Paul Lake, we played bocce ball, and we checked out Canada Day festivities.
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