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Has #OccupyVancouver jumped the shark?

Occupy Vancouver Tent City
I’ve been supportive, I’ve dropped off food and tarps, I’ve attended some rallies, but my enthusiasm is waning and public support for Occupy Vancouver is fading.

Last night #occupy protestors interrupted a debate on homelessness and made asses of themselves. This is not what democracy looks like. Screaming over other people so they can’t talk is what a dictatorship looks like.

The people attending the homelessness debate were likely sympathetic to the #occupy movement. Well, not anymore. Over the next few days, #occupy will be evicted from the steps of the art gallery, but don’t expect the masses to rally to their cause. They’ve managed to alienate most of their sympathizers.

I still agree with many of the sentiments expressed by the #occupy protestors, I just think the movement (at least here in Vancouver) has jumped the shark. It’s too bad, it had lots of promise.