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Astrid – One Tough Cookie

We had a scary incident on Sunday morning. Emily woke up to me running into the room with a screaming toddler yelling, “There’s blood!”

Head Injury

Astrid was standing on the couch, playing with her new bike helmet, which unfortunately wasn’t on her head, when she slipped backwards and fell. Her head hit the corner of the wall awkwardly and with enough force to leave a crack in the wall.

The Wall Looks Worse

She only cried for a few minutes and the bleeding wasn’t too bad, but it left a 2 cm gash on her head. If it had been anywhere else on her body, a bandage would have probably been enough but we took her into the hospital for stitches.

BC Children's Hospital Emergency

She was a real trooper. You could tell it was painful when they were washing out the wound and cleaning her up, but she gritted her teeth and never cried.

Hospital Bandaid

Luckily the hospital wasn’t too busy, because we were pretty low on the priority list. They froze the wound first to stop any bleeding. Then they used skin glue to close it up and braided some of her hair across the wound to act as extra stitches (very clever!).

All Stitched/Glued Up

After the hospital, Astrid was back running around and being her energetic self. She even went to a birthday party in the afternoon. But Sunday night she got a fever right before bed and was complaining about a headache. We gave her ibuprofen to help her sleep, but she was bad again at 4 am when it wore off.

We went back to the hospital because our discharge instructions told us to look out for a fever as a sign the wound had become infected. Apparently Monday at 6 am is the ideal time to go to the hospital. We didn’t have to wait for a room, a nurse, or a doctor. Turns out the fever was just an unrelated virus. Astrid was back in bed by 6:45 that morning and healthy again within 24 hours.

Marathon Training – Week 6

Walking and Cycling on the Seawall
I’m on the road to recovery. The soleus muscle in my left calf is still a bit sore, but I can run without pain. I’ve been doing a lot of strengthening and stretching exercises for my calves and hamstrings, and slowly building up the kilometres. I’m still far behind what the rest of the Running Room group is doing (they’re going on a 23 km tomorrow), but I’m catching up. My longest run was 10 km this week, without any issues.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 4.4 Snowshoe 1:15:58 17:12 map
Monday 5.3 Steady 0:30:33 5:43 map
Tuesday 7.4 Steady 0:43:10 5:49 map
Wednesday Off
Thursday Physio
Friday Off
Saturday 9.9 Steady 0:51:55 5:13 map
Running Total 22.6 2:05:38 5:34

6 week gone, 11 more until race day. Last weeks results are here.

Marathon Training – Week 5

Cambie Running Room Run Club
Back of left lower extremityAfter a few days of rest I went running again on Sunday. My achilles felt good for the first half of the run, but after 10 km I noticed it was getting sore (especially on the hills) so I stopped running and took the bus home.

It was sore for two days after and I haven’t been running since. On Thursday I went to see a physiotherapist. The good news I don’t have achilles tendinitis and should be able to run the marathon. The bad news is I’m still injured. I have a strained calf muscle where it meets the achilles.

The recovery path includes lots of stretching, strengthening, and slowly adding back running. I have three exercises to stretch and strengthen my calves, hamstrings, and hips – calf raises on the stairs with bent and straight knees, a dynamic stretch against the wall for my hamstring, and side stepping with a resistance band around my ankles to strengthen my hip muscles. Next week I’m going to add running back in, starting at 5 km, mixing 5 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking, and working up from there until I catch up to the Running Room run clinic (they’re up to 20 km on Sundays now). I’m also going to add strength training at the gym and runners yoga into my schedule.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 11.8 Long 1:07:12 5:42 map
Monday Off
Tuesday Injured
Wednesday Strength
Thursday Injured
Friday Injured
Saturday Injured
Running Total 11.8 1:07:12 5:42

5 week downs, 12 more until race day. Last weeks results are here.

Marathon Training – Week 4

Cambie Running Room Run Club
Finger InjuryThis week we had a chiropractor talk to our marathon clinic about injury prevention. And then I went and injured myself. We were doing speed work around Charleston Park and I wiped out in a corner and ripped up my hand. Not a bid deal. What is a big deal is how my ankle felt the next morning. At first I thought it was just stiff so I went running anyway on Wednesdday night, but after 3 km I knew something was wrong.

I’m pretty sure I have achilles tendonitis. It seems pretty mild, but I need it to heal fully if I plan on running a marathon. So I stopped running, focusing instead on hip stability exercises. By the end of the week my achilles felt good. I tried doing the Sunday long run (Week 5 spoiler alert), and it felt good at first but after 12 km I could feel my achilles starting to ache again. I stopped immediately and took the bus home. Obviously I need to give it more than 4 days to heal, spend some time strengthening it, and figure out the root cause of the problem.

Running Into the TunnelI’ve never had achilles problems before, but I’ve never run 50+ km a week. From what I’ve read, the cause is probably a combination of a sudden increase in running, too much speed work, my new running shoes, and the 5 km I ran in my Vibram’s. I might buy a new pair of shoes if I can find something that puts less strain on my achilles.

Day Distance (km) Workout Time Pace /km
Sunday 16.9 Long 1:28:45 5:15 map
Monday Off
Tuesday 9.5 Speed 0:50:49 5:19 (avg)
3:44 (peak)
Wednesday 3.1 Steady 0:17:28 5:34 map
Thursday 0 Injured
Friday 0 Injured
Saturday 0 Injured
Running Total 29.5 2:37:02 5:19

4 week downs, 13 more to heal and get marathon ready. Last weeks results are here.

Self Abuse

My body has been taking a real beating in the past two months.

First, I sliced open my calf while hiking.
Then, I fell off my bike and ended up with painful road rash on my hand, hip, and knee.
I managed to catch a cold during the only heat-wave we’ve had this year.
And just when my body was finally healing, I dislocated my shoulder playing ultimate frisbee yesterday.

It’s my fifth dislocation since I first dislocated it in 2006. I was able to pop it back in quickly, but it is sore, and I’ll be out for a couple of weeks. I’m worried about how easily it popped out this time. Every other time my shoulder contacted the ground (while snowboarding or diving for a disc in ultimate). But this time, I was just jumping up for a disc and over extended my left arm. Pop.

I went through physiotherapy the first time I dislocated it, but haven’t been back since. I don’t like the idea of annual dislocations, so I’m going to see someone and hopefully prevent further injuries. Anyone care to recommend a good physiotherapist? One of my teammates recommended Main Street Physio, but I’m looking for something closer to home or work. Seems like Allan McGavin is highly recommended by friends and conveniently located for me.

Just a Flesh Wound Bloody Palm Chicken Wing Arm

Road Rash

I should have went to the Vancouver Zombie Walk. I would have fit right in. I got some good road rash when Emily and I were biking along the Central Valley Greenway in New Westminster and I went over my handlebars. We were going down a hill behind Hume Park and there was a speed bump at the bottom I didn’t see. When I hit the bump, my handlebars twisted and I went over. I skidded to a halt a few feet later. My right hand took the brunt of it, but I also have a big hole in my shorts and my knee and hip have some raspberries too.

After some first-aid work from a nice girl at the pool in Hume Park, we continued our bike ride. It was a pleasant day for a ride, even with the road rash.

Bloody Palm Bloody Knees Road Rash