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Taste the Rainbow

Taste the Rainbow
Emily went on a 3-day juice cleanse last weekend. Now that the hunger pains have faded, I can look back objectively and honestly say I’ll never do it again.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy vegetable juice and fruit smoothies – most of them were really tasty, especially carrot, ginger, apple, beet juice. I just didn’t enjoy feeling hungry all the time, and I didn’t like how much waste the juicer created. 2 lbs of carrots only made 2 glasses of juice and a huge container of waste fibre. I managed to find a muffin recipe to use some of the carrot pulp, but most of it ended up in the compost.

When our 3-day cleanse was over, I wanted to ease back into a normal diet, but ended up gorging myself with chips and salsa.

Self Abuse

My body has been taking a real beating in the past two months.

First, I sliced open my calf while hiking.
Then, I fell off my bike and ended up with painful road rash on my hand, hip, and knee.
I managed to catch a cold during the only heat-wave we’ve had this year.
And just when my body was finally healing, I dislocated my shoulder playing ultimate frisbee yesterday.

It’s my fifth dislocation since I first dislocated it in 2006. I was able to pop it back in quickly, but it is sore, and I’ll be out for a couple of weeks. I’m worried about how easily it popped out this time. Every other time my shoulder contacted the ground (while snowboarding or diving for a disc in ultimate). But this time, I was just jumping up for a disc and over extended my left arm. Pop.

I went through physiotherapy the first time I dislocated it, but haven’t been back since. I don’t like the idea of annual dislocations, so I’m going to see someone and hopefully prevent further injuries. Anyone care to recommend a good physiotherapist? One of my teammates recommended Main Street Physio, but I’m looking for something closer to home or work. Seems like Allan McGavin is highly recommended by friends and conveniently located for me.

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