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Geekathlon 3.0 Birthday Party

Geekathlon 3.0
I celebrated my 30th birthday in style this year, with an all-day party combining my favourite things in life – running, gaming, and eating. I went for a 32 km run in the morning, competed in a Geekathlon in the afternoon, and hosted a dinner party in the evening with loads of yummy vegan food.

Running 30km for 30 years Running Twins
Early in the morning, I went for a 30+ km run. Amazingly, I managed to convince 4 friends to join me. Dan and Katie ran the first 12 km, Owen ran 25, and Dustin ran 32 km with me out to Burnaby Lake and back.

Event 1 - Crokinole Event 2 - Jetpack Joyide Event 3 - Bomberman
Later in the afternoon, I invited my 12 nerdiest friends to compete in a Geekathlon, inspired by Hirtle’s 30th birthday. The round robin tested everyone’s geek-fu, pitting pools of 4 players against each other in bouts of crokinole, Jetpack Joyride (ipad), and Bomberman (xbox). The final event was a 6-player showdown of King of Tokyo with the top 2 players from each pool competing in the A-Final, and the bottom two in the B-Final.

Crokinole Geeks
Katie got a bonus point for the geekiest outfit.
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Geekathlon 3.0

At 8:30 AM, there will be a 30k run. Meet at the Cambie Running Room. Several people will be running 10-15 km and turning around early. Erica and I will run the full 32 km.

At 3:30 PM, there will be a limited-entry, multi-event Geekathlon (inspired by Hirtle’s 30th birthday). Read on below for details.

At 6:30 PM, there will a party with food and drinks. Absolutely no birthday gifts, but you can bring something to share, like cupcakes, alcohol, or a board game.

login: contestant12
password: ************

Welcome contestant12 to geekathlon3.0

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ ls


[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ diff geekathlon birthday

< The Geekathlon is a multi-event competition to determine who the biggest geek is.
< Buttons will be mashed, boards will be gamed, reflexes will be tested, and alcohol will be consumed.
< Prizes for the winners.

> The birthday celebration will happen after the Geekathlon.
> Food will be eaten, alcohol will be consumed, conversation will flow, and the Geekathlon champion will be crowned.
> No gifts allowed.

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ who -q

cdnveggie – Chris
theladiesman – Dan
thefury – Ben
wachunga – David
exortech – Owen
thegentleman – Neil
thebrit – Simon
thekat – Katie
marathonsprague – Erica
captaincaddo – Barrett
ultimatecoughlin – Michael
powderhound – Justin
dubes – Brian

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ locate geekathlon


[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ which events

/events/1/finger_flicking_board_game_2_player Crokinole
/events/2/reflex_testing_video_game_solo Jet Pack Joy Ride
/events/3/melee_video_game_4_player Bomberman
/events/Final/battle_royal_board_game_6_player King of Tokyo

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ cat boo.txt
( \
) )
( ( .-“”-. A.-.A
\ \/ \/ , , \
\ \ =; t /= MEOW
\ |””. ‘,–‘
/ // | ||
/_,)) |_,))

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ rm .bash_history
Ninja style.

[contestant12@geekathlon3.0]$ logout

Good luck contestant12. See you at the Geekathlon.

December Birthday Parties

I think December-babies must work extra hard to ensure their birthday parties stand out from all the other holiday festivities. There’s no other way to explain the two awesome birthday parties I went to in the past two weeks.

David Hirtle hosted a Geekathlon for his 30th birthday party. Attendees competed to claim the Geek gold medal with events featuring a classic video game (Sonic), computer game (Star Control), card game (WoW), board game (Settler of Catan), and nerdy trivia. I did ok in most events, but my Geek-fu wasn’t nearly as strong as my competitors. I’m thinking of hosting a follow-up for my 30th birthday in March.
Nerdy Geekathlete WoW Battle Going for Geekathlon Gold Geekathlon Nerdy Beers

Emily and Tina’s annual joint-birthday party was themed after the Portlandia Put a Bird On It skit. It was great to see all the creative costumes, with lots of birds and hipsters on display. Lots more photos here.

Tweet Watermelon Bird Cage Penguin army Angry Bird Cheese