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Astrid: Month 12

Astrid in a Field Astrid continues to impress us with her strength, determination, and joy.  She’s mastering standing on her own without support, napping at daycare (on most days), and her molars are coming in. Otherwise she’s the same exuberant munchkin she’s been for the past few months. She hasn’t checked off any new milestones, but she’s noticeably more opinionated and vocal, she’s more dextrous and enjoys climbing everything, and she’s understanding basic instructions.


As soon as Emily went back to work Astrid started napping better at daycare. She still has her bad days, but she’s generally happy to be at daycare with her friend Lara and provider Mary. They’ve been going out to the library, play gym, and on neighbourhood walks. Astrid is happy to be dropped off in the morning and happy to be picked up in the evening. Grandma picks her up early once a week so they can spend some quality time together in the park (with Grammy too).


With the nice weather and new modes of transportation, we’ve been going on a lot more outings. Astrid is pretty good at restaurants and happy when we find playgrounds or other climbing structures around the city. We visited the New Westminster Quay with Shannon and Simon this month. We were impressed by the boardwalk and the vegan food crawl at River Market.

Waterfront Park

Baba and Gido visited for a weekend. Astrid enjoyed their visit so much that she insisted on visiting them at the Ponderosa two weeks later. It was our first solo trip without Emily.

Upside Down

We flew to Manitoba for my Aunt Weiner‘s memorial service. Astrid was a great traveller. She slept on the flights (with only minor screaming on landing in Vancouver when her ears wouldn’t pop). I was nervous before our trip about feeding her, putting her to sleep, and separating her from Mom for 4 days, but she bottle fed in the morning and night, ate well during the day, and slept through the nights. She really enjoyed playing with her cousins and grandparents and exploring the Ponderosa.

Wild Ride

Cousins Baba and Astrid Enjoy the Ponderosa

Tractor Ride

Astrid went to her first theatre show on Granville Island. She sat engrossed with the adventures of Sun and Moon in Good Day and Good Night.

Astrid in New York

For Father’s Day, Emily made me vegan french toast for breakfast, we won a free lunch at Chau Veggie, and we spent the afternoon at Car Free Main Street. It was a perfect day. First Carfree

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Happy Father’s Day

Baby with Ken
Happy Father’s Day to the man who taught me how to be a man, my role model in life. I’ve been lucky to pick up my dad’s athleticism, sense of adventure, mischievousness, and frugality. I wish I had more of my his musical ability and entrepreneurial spirit, but you can’t have everything.

I spent a lot of time with my dad as a kid. He coached my baseball team and taught me everything I know about sports. He dragged me along on car rides as he ran errands around the city. I was bored but he kept me amused by playing ‘guess the song’ and offering up math and logic puzzles. I remember spending late nights curled up in front of the tv with chips and salsa watching Star Trek. I also remember the lectures against eating meat and smoking – health advice I’m happy he brainwashed me with.

One day, I hope to be as good of a father as he is.
Baby with Ken 2 Watching TV with Dad Horsey Like Father Like Son Puzzle Time Ready to Zipline Dirty Face Mafia

I’m also thinking about my father-in-law today. Sadly, Tom passed away away recently. We miss you.
Dad & Shawn 1989 Father's Witness