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South False Creek Seawall

Family Day Selfie

On Monday, Emily celebrated Family Day walking to Granville Island and doing some shopping. We picked up some vegetables in the market and a cute onesie at Parade. We’ve already received a lot of hand-me-down baby clothing, but this was our first purchase.

False Creek Seawall

It was a beautiful, sunny day and there were hundreds of people out walking and cycling. The seawall between Olympic Village and Cambie Bridge has been recently upgraded to provide more space for pedestrians and cyclists. It’s still not the most scenic stretch, but it is a lot better and less congested than it used to be.

Busy Seawall

The section between Cambie Bridge and Granville Island needs some love now, and the City of Vancouver and Park Board are looking to upgrade it. A lot of sections are narrow and the cobblestones are annoying for any wheeled users (bikes, rollerbladers, and strollers).

There is more information on the city’s website and a survey to share your opinions.

South False Creek Seawall - Study Area

Peter and the Starcatcher – Review

I had a chance this weekend to check out the brand new BMO Theatre Centre and watch the newest Arts Club play Peter and the Starcatcher. It was excellent – one of the best plays I’ve seen in Vancouver. I highly recommend checking it out if you can get tickets (it has been selling out).

The theatre is conveniently located across the street from our apartment – which was much appreciated during Saturday’s winter storm downpour. I’ve been watching the construction crews scramble to get the theatre ready on time. They barely made it, but the theatre looks great, especially the stage.

BMO Theatre Centre

BMO Theatre Centre

For Peter and the Starcatchers, the wings are open and you can watch the actors using drums, a giant sheet of metal, and other props to create the show’s sound effects. Long ropes are creatively used for many of the visual effects, standing in for a boxing ring, the mouth of an alligator, and the waves of the sea.


The show has some sentimental moments, but most of it is light-hearted and extremely funny. The whole cast is great and there are some fabulous voices and catchy songs. The actress who plays Captain Black Stache was a real standout, mixing physical comedy, witty lines, and great comedic timing.

I’d say more, but I don’t want to spoil your experience. Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

The first and last photo are from the Arts Club website.

Future of Vancouver’s Viaducts

It looks like the City of Vancouver is proceeding with its plan to tear down the viaducts. I can’t wait. I live across from viaducts and bike along the Dunsmuir Viaduct to get to work. The area is a dead zone of empty parking lots and ugly elevated roadways. An expanded park and new developments will be a welcome change.

If you’re looking for more info, check out:
City of Vancouver: The Future of Vancouver’s viaducts
Vancouver Sun: Vancouver unveils plan to remove viaducts
Reddit AMA: Oct 13 12-1pm
Open House at Science World: Oct 14 6-9pm
Vancouver's Viaducts Bright Green Future

Moving into Anni Friesinger’s Old Room in the Olympic Village

Since we announced we were moving into the Olympic Village, a lot of people have asked me “do you know which athlete lived in your unit during the Olympics?” I sure do. Sexy German speed skater Anni Friesinger was the former occupant of our suite.

How do I know? I did some sleuthing and discovered that 122 Walter Hardwick was occupied by Team Germany during the Olympics. Most of the German medal winners were staying up at Whistler, but the hockey team, speed skaters, figure skaters, and curlers were all in Vancouver.
Team Germany Has Arrived at Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village South and Is Expected to Win Most of the Medals

Now, I have no proof that Anni stayed in our unit, but until I find a name scratched into the wall or a stray hair that I can analyze for DNA, I’m going to just assume our unit was occupied by either Anni Friesinger or Andy Kapp, skip of the German curling team.
Photo by ygx

In all seriousness, I’m a bit surprised that more isn’t done to advertise the Olympic Village as the former home of Olympians. The two towers that were once full of Canadian athletes is now branded Canada House, but otherwise there aren’t any references left to the athletes who once resided in the units. Maybe it’s a privacy issue.

If anyone is trying to determine which athletes may have lived in a specific Olympic Village building, I’ve created this handy guide.
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