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New Europe Posts

6 new entries about my Europe trip. I’m now just about to leave Prague. Almost done. Just Germany and Holland left.

Museum of CommunismEuroTrip2006 – Day 25: Invading the Mountain Fortress on Foot
EuroTrip2006 – Day 26: Canyoning – My Goose is Cooked
EuroTrip2006 – Day 27: Beergarden Reunion
EuroTrip2006 – Day 28: Sleepless in the Czech Republic
EuroTrip2006 – Day 29: Vegetarian Delight
EuroTrip2006 – Day 30: I See Dead People

EuroTrip2006 – Expenses

I haven’t finished posting my daily stories. I apologize. Especially to Ben, who has no idea what happened after I left him. They’ll come shortly. I promise.

Many of you are planning trips to Europe right now and have asked me how much my trip cost. Luckily, being the nerd I am, I kept detailed breakdowns of all the money I spent. Here’s a summary:

Our trip lasted 36 days and I spent $4,496.26 in total.
Our average daily expenses were $67.00 (not including pre-trip expenses like flights, EuroRail, and travel insurance). When factoring all costs in, it cost $124.90 per day.

EuroTrip2006 - Total Expenses  EuroTrip2006 - Daily Expenses  EuroTrip2006 - Expenses by City

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If you have a Gmail account and want more details, I can invite you to view a spreadsheet with breakdowns per city. The graphs summarize everything in it, but the raw data is also there.

Flights $979.97
Pre-Trip $77.00
Euro-Rail $743.00
Accommodations $938.61
Food / Drink $900.47
Transport $296.94
Attractions $228.05
Big Ticket $193.45
Gifts/Souvenirsenirs $37.85
Personal $49.30
Misc $51.62


  • Prague was definitely the cheapest city, although touristy attractions are still pricey. Areas outside of cities were cheaper, like the Rhine Valley and Cinque Terre (although our 2nd night was expensive because we splurged on dinner).
  • Paris, Florence, and Amsterdam were the most expensive places to visit. Although the costs of Paris and Florence were higher because of accommodation decisions and mistakes.


  • Personal expenses include clothes, toiletries, and books I bought during the trip
  • Misc expenses include pay toilets, pay phone, internet cafes, and everything else
  • Big ticket items, like canyoning, musicals, and concerts were removed from the daily averages so as not to skew the numbers. They are included in trip totlas.
  • In London, we slept in Ronnie’s apartment, so our accommodation was free. In Florence, we were stuck with a 3-bed room, so it was more expensive.
  • Some hostels included free breakfast which drastically reduced food costs for those days.
  • Pre-Trip expenses include travel insurance and buying an ISIC card. I could have thrown things like soap, shampoo, and gear in here. But I didn’t include anything like that.

EuroTrip2006 – Day 36: Last Day in Europe

Highlight: Hiking up the Lorelei cliffs.
Lowlight: The rush to the toilet after 2 train journeys without washrooms.
Money spent: 39.7 Euros
Pairs of clean underwear left: 2
Book: 726
When I awoke this morning, the castle was shrouded in dark clouds. Rain poured down relentlessly and ran down the windows beside my bed in thick rivulets. I quickly got dressed, mindful of the cold stone floor, had a quick shower, and went in search of food. The kitchen staff were busy preparing breakfast for the myriad of people staying at the castle. Kitchen scullions busied about. I sat myself at a large oak table and was presented with a feast of hard boiled eggs, toast with honey, muesli and yogurt, apple sauce, and fruit juice. With a full stomach, I set out in search of adventure.
The details

EuroTrip2006 – Day 34: Sleeping Soundly in My Fortress

Highlight: The moment I realized how imposing the fortress I was staying in was. I was giddy like a school girl. So cool. I’m sleeping in a frickin fortress.
Lowlight: The journey to Koblenz took 2 hours longer than I thought because of train delays.
Money spent: 38.1 Euros
Pairs of clean underwear left: 4
Book: 437
The details

EuroTrip2006 – Day 33: Cannabis College

Highlight: Wandering through a street market packed with locals and not tourists. I could tell it was mostly locals because most of them (women included) towered over me. Eating the pickled herring and trying to figure out what “Biertje” meant were highlights.
Lowlight: Seeing the old and larger women standing in the windows in the Red Light District, cringing at the sight, and then hearing 12 year old boys with their parents making jokes.
Money spent: 75 Euros
Pairs of clean underwear left: 5
Book: 182
The details

EuroTrip2006 – Day 32: Working in Red Windows

Highlight: Experiencing the red light district. I got to watch the beautiful ladies in the windows and the lewd tourists on the street. Double the entertainment.
Lowlight: The pouring rain that started just after I arrived and kept up in some form for most of the day. I was standing on a street corner at one point and got splashed good by a passing car.
Money spent: 84.5 Euros
Pairs of clean underwear left: 6
Book: 62 (Stone of Tears)
The details