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Training Cats

Lofty Perch
It’s been two months since we adopted Chai and Boo. I’m not sure why we bother buying them stuff. Their favourite toys are a tinfoil ball and a ribbon. We tried getting them a bed to sleep on, but they still prefer my laptop case or the laptop itself.

Basket of Chai Chai Loves My Laptop Bag And Loves My Laptop

The one exception is a cat tower we bought from Peace off Mind Contracting in Langley. They loved it immediately and spend most of their day on it. Chai loves sitting perched on the top, and Boo loves sleeping in the dark house on the bottom. If you’re in the market for a cat post, I highly recommend this company – our cat tower is huge, well constructed, and was a very good price. It was a bit of an adventure picking it up from Langley, using a combination of Modo and Skytrain. In retrospect, I should have just paid the $50 to have it shipped to our house.

Moving with Modo Transporting a Cat Tower on the Skytrain Sleeping in their new tower
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Adjusting to Life with Cats

Cat Nap
Boo and Chai are now comfortably part of our family. We were a bit worried that they would have a hard time adjusting – they were both abandoned at one point and have lived in a number of VOKRA foster homes. But they seem to be loving their new life. Generally they’re very well behaved, cuddly, and more than we could have asked for.

Moving In Exploring their new home
The first night was a bit rough, but it’s been pretty smooth sailing since. After we picked them up, we kept them in the bathroom thinking that it would be easier to adjust to a single room and knowing they couldn’t do much damage in there. We played with them for a few hours and then went to bed. They meowed all night and figured out how to open the door around 4 am. Since then they’ve had the run of the house and have been happier for it. They have lots of energy at night, but we’ve been getting better at tiring them out in the evening and they’ve been getting better at leaving us alone while we’re sleeping. The kitty alarm only went off at 6:30 this morning.

It’s been fun discovering their quirks and what they like. So far, their favourite toy is a piece of elastic string. Chai likes to chase it if you slowly drag it along the foor. Boo likes to bat at it if you dangle it in front of his nose. They each have preferred lounging spots. Chai likes to sit on the window ledge watching the birds fly by, and Boo likes to curl up on the couch or find a dark spot to hide in.
Boo in a Box Chai on the window sill Sleepy Cats Couch Cats

We’re Adopting … Cats!

Boo Williams Chai
We pick up the two newest additions to our home on Saturday. We’re adopting two cats from the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue – Boo and Chai. Emily has been trying to convince me to get a cat for years, and I finally gave in. I couldn’t resist the cuddly cuteness. The plan was to get one, but the reasons to adopt two made a lot of sense.
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