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Strategic Voting – #hashtagfail

Strategic voting sites were all the rage this election. Websites like Project Democracy used advanced seat projection models and the latest polls to determine what ridings would be close and how progressive voters should ‘strategically vote’ to stop the Conservatives.

What an utter failure (or ‘hashtagfail’ as my buddy Jack would say). Pundits Guide warned us that Conservatives love strategic voting sites, but few people listened. The promise of having your vote count in a system where so many votes are wasted was too strong to resist.

If you look at the closest races in Canada involving the Conservatives, all of them decided by less 2% of the votes cast, the ‘strategic’ recommendations were horrible. In the 10 races where strategic voting could have been effective, Project Democracy got 5 of them wrong, and the Conservatives won all five of those ridings.

Riding Result PD Strategy Verdict
Montmagny – L’Islet – Kamouraska – Rivière-du-Loup Cons +1101 +10 over NDP Vote Bloc FAIL
Nipissing – Timiskaming Cons +14 over Libs Vote Liberal PASS
Etobicoke Centre Cons +25 over Libs Safe Liberal Seat – Vote Anyone FAIL
Yukon Cons +132 over Libs Vote Liberal PASS
Elmwood Transcona Cons +284 over NDP Safe NDP Seat – Vote Anyone FAIL
Esquimalt – Juan de Fuca NDP +406 over Cons Vote NDP PASS
Bramalea – Gore – Malton Cons +538 over NDP Vote Liberal FAIL
Don Valley West Cons +639 over Libs Vote Liberal PASS
Mississauga East – Cooksville Cons +661 over Libs Safe Liberal Seat – Vote Anyone FAIL
Lotbinière – Chutes-de-la-Chaudière Cons +777 over NDP Vote NDP PASS

1 – vote difference in Montmagny reduced to 10 after counting error detected.

Unfortunately, in a first-past-the-post voting system, only 2 parties can be viable alternatives. Strategic voting is a failed coping mechanism. We need to either change the voting system or get ready for polarized American-style politics with the Conservatives battling the NDP across Canada. Even as an NDP supporter, it’s not a prospect I’m looking forward to. I’d rather have more choices.

Bitter Sweet Election Results

The NDP won over 100 seats. Elizabeth May is the first Green party MP ever elected in Canada. The Bloc Quebecois have lost official party status.

All great news, but what a shitty election result. I’m not sure I can handle four years of a Conservative majority government.

What happened to the Liberal vote in Ontario? Why is Manitoba and Saskatchewan so damn Conservative?

If the Liberals could have held more of their Ontario seats we could have had an NDP-Liberal-Green coalition government in charge of Canada. How awesome would that have been? A government that would have made electoral reform and the environment a priority. Instead, I weep for the future of Canada. Maybe we need to give students the right to vote, and take it away from old people – Student Vote gave a much better result.

I’m worried Canada is heading to a 2-party system, a consequence of the first-past-the-post electoral system. I prefer the NDP to the Liberals, but I think we need both parties, and I don’t want the see them merge. I want real electoral reform. A single-transferable-vote system where no vote is wasted, strategic voting is unnecessary, and vote splitting doesn’t lead to Conservative majority governments.

Montreal, je t’aime

That's CarbageThe NDP kick butt and wins a federal seat in Quebec (of all places!), and media decides to focus on the Liberals, instead of Thomas Mulcair – the giant killer who pulled off the stunning feat. I think he’ll be the next leader of the NDP. Although the media is playing this as a stunning defeat for the Liberals, if you analyze the numbers, you’ll notice the Liberal votes didn’t drop by that much. It was the Bloc Quebecois that lost most of their supporters to the NDP, which allowed them to defeat the Liberals. This is a good thing for Canada (although maybe not for the Liberals). A stronger NDP presence in Quebec and a weakened Bloc is a good sign for the future of our country. As the dollar shows.

In other good news, the BC NDP has finally decided to oppose Gateway. Or at least the party membership has. The inept leader, Carole James, is again waffling on the issue. Why can’t she just take a stand?

Happy Car Free Day for everyone in Toronto, Waterloo, and Montreal!

Time to ban cars in London. A recent report suggested banning cars would reduce C02 emissions by a whopping 72% by 2030. And the health benefits of replacing car trips with walking and bike rides would trim 4.5 kg of fat per year, reduce breast cancer risks by 25%, increase life expectancy by between 1 and 2 years, and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by 30%.

Time to ban salmon farming in BC. It’s dirty, full of lice, and killing off wild salmon.

Co-ops are awesome. MEC, Credit Unions, the ubiquitous Co-op gas stations. And coming to Vancouver in November – a co-op brothel.

Tribond: Wonderbra, Caulking Gun, & Automatic Lubricating Cup

What do these 3 items have in common: a Wonderbra, a Caulking Gun, and an Automatic Lubricating Cup?

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Answer: all Canadian inventions.

See CBC’s Greatest Canadian Inventions for 50 of the Greatest Canadian Inventions. And vote for the best one.

I’m having a tough time deciding between the Wonderbra, Java, and the Retractable Beer Carton Handle. I’ll have to think about it some more. But seriously, how did Instant Mash Potatoes make the list – that’s embarassing.