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Foraging and Fermenting

Garden bounty
It’s summer and the world is our grocery store. Our garden is booming, so we’ve been enjoying a lot of fresh salad and kale smoothies.

Rooftop Apple Tree
Apple Crisp
I also discovered that the apple trees on our rooftop produce surprisingly tasty fruit. Perfect for eating raw or baking into an apple crisp.

Blackberry Picking
We also went back to our secret blackberry spot and picked a few containers full of delicious berries. We ate some fresh and froze the rest.

Homemade Kimchi
My latest food experiment is making kichmi (recipe). I was inspired after reading Michael Pollan’s new book – Cooked. It tastes really good and should help build a strong digestive system.

Foraging for Blackberries in Vancouver

Emily and I were planning on spending a sunny, Saturday afternoon biking down to Richmond to pick blueberries, but we got lazy and decided to spend the day closer to home foraging for blackberries. U-pick blueberries cost about $1.85/lb, but blackberries are free assuming you can find them.

Blackberry Picking
We started biking down the Central Valley Greenway in search of blackberries. It’s a great ride and follows the train tracks and the edge of several parks, which are perfect spots to find blackberries. I knew the Still Creek area in Burnaby is loaded with blackberry bushes, but we didn’t make it that far. 8 minutes from our home, we discovered unpicked blackberry bushes along a quiet street off Great Northern Way.

Blackberry Haul
It took us 30 minutes to fill up 3 containers full of berries. Now we just have to eat them. Some of them will be turned into chia seed jam, some frozen, and the rest eaten fresh.