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The Unwanted Indian Souvenir

Man Eating Beaver
I’ve been feeling fatigued, gassy, and generally shitty for the past 2 weeks. I went and saw a doctor on Tuesday and had blood and stool samples taken. The results are in – I’m anemic and I have Giardia Lamblia (aka Beaver Fever) and Blastocystis parasites living in my lower intestine. Probably one last gift from India.

I’m looking forward to getting it treated and healthy again. My iron levels are 9 µg/L (normal level are from 100-300). I haven’t been able to run or play ultimate frisbee for the past 2 weeks. Even my short 3 km bike ride to work has been a struggle.

I’m been prescribed Metronidazole antibiotics for the next 10 days. Hopefully that clears everything up.

Backpacking India: Traveler’s Diarrhea

India - Bundi
I’m pooping solid again. Never thought I’d be so happy to share that with the world. The travellers diarrhea that has plagued me since Udaipur has finally gone away, after 5 days of worrying how far he nearest toilet was.

In Bundi, I visited an aryuvedic pharmacist who gave me some mystery pills wrapped in newspaper. I also started taking psyllium, which a fellow traveler recommended. They helped a little bit but didn’t fix the underlying cause.

Yesterday, it was clear that the diarrhea wasn’t going to go away on its own and I needed to be healthy for trekking in Darjeeling in a dew days. So I took the antibiotics (Azithromycin) that our travel doctor prescribed before we left Canada. It worked like a charm.