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Elimination Diet – Day 9

Rice, veggies, and guacamole
Emily and I are 9 days into our Elimination Diet, and things are going well. We have 5 more days on a strict diet, and then we can start adding foods back. We just have to survive Thanksgiving first.

I’m surprised I haven’t had any food cravings thus far. I’m getting sick of the limited foods we can eat, and how hard it is to add flavour, but we’ve been eating pretty good. For the most part, our diet has consisted of fresh fruit and vegetables, rice and quinoa, and beans and nuts. I’ll include a few sample meals at the end of the post.
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Prepping for an Elimination Diet

Faux Turkey
Emily and I are going on an elimination diet. Starting tomorrow, for two weeks we’re restricting our diet to the most basic of foods – basically rice and vegetables. Then, we’ll spend several weeks slowly adding foods back into our diet, like a carefully controlled science experiment.

The goal is to identify any food sensitivities we have. I’m pretty sure dairy gives me gas, but it’s difficult to be sure and I’m not sure what other foods might be causing problems. Emily is pretty sure bread bothers her, but she’s not sure if it’s the yeast or the gluten.

We’re doing this on our own, without the help of a dietitian or naturopath. We’ve come up with a list of foods we can still eat by looking at a bunch of websites (1, 2,3, and 4). They each have a different list of what foods should be excluded during the cleanse phase of the diet, but we have come up with a list that works for us.
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