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I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.

India: Crazy Transportation Day

So many of our memorable moments in India have occured while traveling between cities. We often travel cheap, so that means a lot of time in shared jeeps, buses, and trains, and a lot of interesting interactions with locals. Our … Continue reading

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India: Darjeeling

Darjeeling is the famed British hill station and tea plantation centre. It is also a good base for trekking in the Himalayas and exploring Sikkim. As such, our time in town was split into three visits and by the last … Continue reading

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India: Sikkim

Sikkim is a small Indian province between Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan with some spectacular Himalayan mountains. We spent 5 days enjoying the unique culture, eating momos, visiting Buddhist monasteries, enjoying the mountain views when it was sunny, and drinking millet … Continue reading

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Transit Referendum – Vote YES

I might be half way around the world, but I’m still following the transit referendum in Vancouver. Being in India, I have a unique perspective of how important good public transit is. Many of the big Indian cities we’ve been … Continue reading

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Himalayan Anniversary

Three years ago I married one lovely lady in the Rocky Mountains. Today we’re spending our 3 year wedding anniversary in the Himalayas. The first three years have been great and we continue to support each other through the challenges … Continue reading

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India: Holi in Varanasi

Holi is the Hindu colour festival and one of the biggest holidays in India. A month ago we decided we wanted to be in Varanasi for Holi and planned our trip around that date. I’m glad we did, because our … Continue reading

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India: Traveler’s Diarrhea

I’m pooping solid again. Never thought I’d be so happy to share that with the world. The travellers diarrhea that has plagued me since Udaipur has finally gone away, after 5 days of worrying how far he nearest toilet was. … Continue reading

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