Sutra – Vegan Dining in Seattle

Seattle has some great vegetarian restaurants. Last weekend we had the chance to try a few new ones and I was really impressed by Sutra. They offer a 5-course fixed meals for $40 with a menu that changes every 2 weeks. Everything is vegan and they use a lot of locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients.

Everything we got was really tasty. All 5 courses were solid. Here’s what we got to eat.
Sutra 1st/2nd course Sutra 3rd course Sutra 4th course Sutra Dessert
First & Second Course: Miso-Roasted Parsnip-Matsutake Soup with Umeboshi Drizzle served aside a salad of Arugula-Watercress-Shaved Fennel-Asian Pear-Smoked Lentil-Candied Sunflower Seed and a Black Vinaigrette

Third Course: Celery Root-Pumpkin Seed & Parsley Pesto-Marina d’Chioggia Squash Dumpling, Sautéed Kohlrabi & Brussel Sprout with Ponzu & Sesame Seed

Fourth Course: Sea Broth-Cashew Cheese Risotto with Roasted Wax Turnip and Juan de Doub Carrot, Grilled Wild Foraged Hon Shimeji with Mirin-Sundried Tomato-Thyme Sauce & Fried Caperberry

Fifth Course: Jona Gold Apple-Pecan-Carmel Torte with a Ginger-Lime Coconut Whip

The soup and salad were delicious. The squash dumping was imaginative. The risotto was a little disappointing, but only because its the default vegan menu item at most restaurants. And the torte with the whipped coconut for dessert was fabulous.

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