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Flickr Stats Chart
As of today, my Flickr account has received 1 million views. It’s the milestone I’ve been waiting for to cancel my paid account. I have no problem paying $25/year for a great photo storage website, but Yahoo announced two months ago that Flickr would phase out its Pro accounts and transition people to free accounts. Yes, Flickr has coerced me into not paying them. After 8 years and $218, my money is no good.

The new free account is almost as good as the old paid one was. The world will still have access to all my photos and I have the ability to upload as many new ones as I want. Sure there’s a 2 TB limit, but it will take me over 1000 years to reach it at my current upload rate. Realistically, the only downside is I no longer have access to detailed statistics, which is why I waited until today to cancel my account.

I started my Flickr account on July 30, 2005 by uploading this horrible picture of my sister (sorry Kelsey).
Lunch 003

Since then I’ve uploaded 5,335 more photos, most better than the one above. Here are some of the most popular photos on my Flickr account and a collection of my favourites.
MSN Butterfly Ladies Students Studying Plumber's Convention Sugar Cane Summit Salutations Cow Break Gay Cowboy School Girl and School Boy
Diving Board Feet Radiant Heated Sidewalks Scary Fish Sunbathers on Kits Beach Gullfoss Waterfall The Sombrero at Postcards Cafe Frozen Snowflake Rocky Peak