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A fascinating video of a bike ride through Vancouver in 1974. The embedded video above skips the first 6 minutes, which is all in North Vancouver. There’s also a shorter version if you only have 3 minutes.

It’s interesting how crappy the bike infrastructure was back then. I’ve biked across the Lions Gate Bridge hundreds of times, but it looks like a death trap in 1974 (6:15) – a skinny sidewalk and no railing separating you from traffic.

The apartment I used to live in is visible at 8:53 – a giant concrete tower that doesn’t look out of place in 1974. False Creek (11:15), where I live now, has seen some of the biggest changes, with the construction of the Olympic Village. The Salt Building is recognizable, but that’s about it.

I discovered the video on Price Tags, and there are some interesting insights from Gordon Price and his commenters there.