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New Toys
It’s time to nerd out with some new toys. I picked up a Kobo Touch e-reader from Chapters and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus cellphone from Wind Mobile. I’m really impressed with both.

The Kobo is my first e-reader. I decided on the Kobo over the Kindle because it supports library e-books. The e-ink is easy screen is easy to read and the battery life is awesome. I thought about getting a colour one, but it felt like a cheap iPad, and Emily already has the real deal.

I needed a new cellphone – the screen on my old phone would routinely stop responding, making it impossible to use. So I decided to upgrade to the fanciest phone on the market. It’s a little too much for what I need, but I hope it will last a few years. Since it’s a Google branded phone, I’ll get the latest OS upgrades. And the Android 4.0 operating system has some nifty features – like the data monitor and voice commands. Plus it has a good camera, which I’ve already taken advantage of.
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