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Roaming Dragon
Reason #1: Street Food
I think the single biggest improvement to the city in the past 3 years has been the expanded food cart program. Don’t get me wrong, JapaDog is great, but it is so nice to see more than hot dog carts on the streets of Vancouver.

There are so many awesome new food trucks. My favourites are Tacofino, Cartel Taco, and Arturo’s – I can’t get enough Mexican fusion and they’re all within a few blocks of work. Even if you’re not a taco-fiend like me, there is something for everyone, including a vegan food cart – Loving Hut Express, and too many others to list here. If you’re looking to keep on top of Vancouver’s burgeoning street food scene, I highly recommend Vancouver Street Eats – they even have an iPhone App.

Even though our street cart program is only 2 years old, the quality and variety won high praise from The Guardian’s international food critic. Good-bye hotdog, Vancouver’s street food culture is growing up.