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Vancouver’s Greenest City Action Team is soliciting your ideas on how to make Vancouver greener. You have until October 7, 2010 to submit your ideas and vote for your favourites.

The current Top 10 Ideas:

  1. Encourage vegan options for all
  2. Cycling for Everyone: Develop a complete cycling network that feels safe and attractive to all
  3. Extend food waste collection program to include apartments and condos
  4. Build complete, walkable neighbourhoods interconnected by great transit and cycling routes
  5. Encourage urban food production
  6. Build the Downtown Streetcar Network
  7. Reclaim road and/or parking space to create plazas and parklets
  8. Provide abundant & secure bicycle parking at transit stations & other key locations
  9. Mandatory 25ยข fee for plastic shopping bags
  10. Create more affordable family housing within easy walking/biking/transit radius of downtown

Some other ideas I voted for:

  • Drinking water fountains + bottled water ban
  • Repeal mandatory bike helmet legislation
  • Car Free granville island
  • Eliminate minimum parking requirements within 800m of SkyTrain stations

It is interesting to see the vegan lobby pushing hard and getting the most votes, even though it would be difficult for the city to try changing people’s diets. The other ideas are great and completely within the city’s power and ability to implement. Like offering a comprehensive composting program, enforcing a plastic bag fee or ban, discouraging plastic water bottles, building better cycling infrastructure, and reclaiming roads. Hopefully we’ll see some action on these items with the next year.