Unusual Vancouver WeatherIt was bound to happen. After I gushed about the amazing weather last weekend, the weather gods have decided to punish me for my glee.

It’s snowing out right now, and more is forecast for this weekend. Snowing! In Vancouver! In April!

Of course, I have lots of weather-dependent events planned for this weekend. Saturday is Bike the Blossoms, a 1st annual event that celebrates the cherry blossoms, biking, and slow food. It should be wonderful (if it’s not still snowing). Sunday is the Sun Run, which normally isn’t ironically named. I’m still looking forward to the run. They have more than 55,000 people registered to run, but if it snows I bet half stay home instead.

I guess if the weather is really horrible, I can always play video games all weekend. We have a rocking game of online Diplomacy going right now. It’s surprisingly fun.

I think the snow has stopped. I can bike home safely.