Harambe in VancouverTuesday night we went to Harambe – an Ethiopian restaurant on Commercial Drive.

Between 7 of us, we ordered a 3-person vegetarian platter, a 3-person meat platter, and a fish dish. Everything was excellent and there was more food then we could eat (probably because the injera bread is so filling). The fish dish was recommended by the owner and was especially tasty, although I’m also big fan of their vegetarian dishes – such a variety of tasty flavours. I love eating Ethiopian food, because everyone eats from the communal food with their hands. It’s a very social experience, and best shared with lots of people so you can order several different dishes.

We split a bottle of Chilean red wine and after dinner we ordered some Ethiopian honey wine and Ethiopian tea. I should have stuck to the honey wine, because the tea was really strong and kept me up all night (caffeine really messes with my body).

At the end, the bill came to under $20 a person, even with the wine but excluding the tip – an amazing price considering the quantity and quality of the food.