It’s been a fun week.

I saw an amazing Frankenstein play with Emily. It was probably the best play I’ve seen in a few years, and it didn’t hurt that it was a musical. The costumes were out of this world, the whole cast had amazing voices, and many of the songs were hilarious.

Dan organized a big ski trip to Big White. 30 people, mostly from work went. It was a great trip. There wasn’t any fresh powder, so the runs were a bit hard when you fell, but other then that it was great. We went with a tour company, Destination Snow, so the bus ride there, our accommodation, and lift tickets were all taken care of.
Big White Gang  Too Cool  Crazy Hats  Dan and Jim  Big White Snow Tubing  Big White Terain Park

I’ve been following the U.S. Presidential Primaries, and rooting for Barack Obama. The man is just inspiring. I remember seeing the speech he gave when he entered the race last year, and almost crying I was so moved. I really hope he wins.

I lost a few grand as the stock market tumbled.

I had more dental surgery this morning – gum grafting this time. Yeah fun. I’m a bit swollen, but I haven’t had need for any pain killers yet.