Despite coming down with a nasty flu the weekend before Halloween, I still got to enjoy most of the festivities. On Saturday, I wore 12 layers of clothing and a frog hat (that my mother made for a school play when I was 7 or so) and attended the Parade of Lost Souls on Commercial Drive.

Then for Halloween, I was feeling a bit better and dressed up as a naughty school girl to complement Emily’s school boy look, and headed out to the bar. I got lots of comments, but no one tried to pick me up. The pictures speak for themselves.

Honour the Dead  Frog Man and School Girl  Pyro  Grim Reaper  Dancing Skeletons  Springing into Action  Parade of the Lost Souls  Parade of the Lost Souls  Creepy Bunch  School Girl and School Boy  Henryetta  Pirate Dan  Hug time  Trick or Treat?