Early Morning Glory over LondonGlobal Warming is happening and we are the cause. I didn’t need to see Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth, to learn that. But it did help give me some ammo to beat down anyone who might disagree.

Strangely ecodude(Dylan) already posted about this today, but I was planning on doing it for a few days. We must have both watched the movie recently. Odd.

The conclusions in the movie were scary but there is hope. I hope enough people see it and realize how serious the threat is. I hope people start changing their habits. More importantly, I hope they push our government to do something about it. Leadership needs to come from the top, especially on this.

I was thinking of what I could do to help. I already bike to work. We barely heat our apartment. I replaced the old light bulbs with low-power compact fluorescents. I vote NDP. I don’t eat meat or much dairy. I buy local or organic groceries whenever I can. So far, so good. But I fly a lot, which eats a lot of gas and pumps out tonnes of CO2.

But I think I may have found a partial solution. Offsetters is a Canadian website that allows you to buy carbon dioxide credits. My return flight from Vancouver to Winnipeg was responsible for 0.414 tonnes of C02, so right now I’m purchasing $7.80 in carbon credits. The money serves two important purposes: easing my guilt and funding several projects like restoring a rainforest in Uganda and installing efficient lighting in households in South Africa. Westjet has even partnered with Offsetters to make it easier to figure out how much carbon you need to offset on each flight. Very cool.

Emily, your flight from Accra to Vancouver (and all 1.7 tonnes of C02) is covered now too. So, you can fly here guilt free now. 🙂