This week, Metroblogging sites around the world are running a series of 7 Gifts that their cities have to offer the world.

So far, Metroblogging Vancouver‘s Gifts to the World are:

Seattle has offered up a cupcake shop and its art scene(huh?).
New York is proud of its famous movie settings and Attitude.
Montreal saves the world with its environmental treaty and lets us enjoy life with its local music scene.
And Toronto…well it has nothing to offer the world, at least not yet.

So far, I think Vancouver’s gifts are the best. But I’m a Flickr addict and a big environmentalist. I’m trying to figure out what the next 5 gifts will be. Maybe Wreck Beach? Whistler? Granville Island? Hollywood North? Douglas Coupland? Yippies? Rain? Amazing sushi?

Snowy View  Snow Under the Bridge