Apartment Photo Tour

People have been asking for pictures of the apartment now that it’s inhabited and furnished – where furnished is relative to the state it was in when we got it. There’s still lots of stuff to buy, but it’s coming along.

We’re having a Halloween party here, so maybe having guests over will be extra motivation to pimp it out.

Living Room Plants
Living Room – Now with couch, some chairs, and kitchen table. We found that couch in the basement. What a steal…errr..I mean “find”. Plants – The newest additions to our home. That’s Avi the Aloe Vera Plant on the left, and Patsy – the Ponytail Plant on the right.
Kitchen Kitchen Counter
Kitchen – It has everything including a kitchen sink. Kitchen Counter – Notice the racks for wine, wine glasses, and spices.
Bedroom Entrance Bedroom
Bedroom Entrance – The entrance to my private palace. Bedroom – Complete with large, comfy bed. The postcards on the wall are from my travels.
Like Night and Day
Living Room Before & After – like night and day, really
Living Room Before and After
Living Room Before & After – The biggest addition is probably the empties in the corner, and Daniel’s bike
Bedroom Before and After
Bedroom Before & After – Well, I’ve definitely upgraded the bed I sleep on. No more sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

About canadianveggie

I enjoy exploring the great outdoors, eating good vegan food, cycling around Vancouver, solving problems with software, learning about urban planning, and discussing politics.
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