Parents On the TubeMy parents have one of the most loving relationship’s I have ever witnessed. They are affectionate in public, in a way that only now is cute. They playfully make fun of each other. I only remember one serious fight – my parents were yelling and my mom drove off in the van for a few hours to cool off. In retrospect, it wasn’t that bad, but as as 12 year old I remember being terrified and having to console a blubbering younger sister. They spend a lot of time together, but have their own friends and interests. And they’ve always been supportive of each other and my sisters and I. They are the best role models I could have had and I owe my existence to them.

Saturday was my parents 25th wedding anniversary and as fate would have it they were in Vancouver on a layover before jetting off to Mexico. We spent the day together catching up, seeing some Vancouver sights, and I treated them to an anniversary lunch and dinner.

Highlights of the visit:
– Lunch with Emily at Foundation – a revolutionary, hippy, vegetarian restaurant on Main.
– Relaxing in my apartment, talking, drinking acai berry smoothies, and playing Blokus – my dad kicked butt.
– Walking down the seawall and having a seal follow us for several blocks. I’ve never seen seal in Vancouver, but this one kept swimming parallel to us and popping his head up to watch us.
– Dinner at Relish – very tasty food and we got free dessert and port because it was my parents anniversary and Kerry know’s the maître de.
Anniversary Ring  Anniversary Lunch  Dad's Lunch