School is officially done. I finished my last exam on Thursday, shipped my meager possessions back home, and moved out of residence on Friday. Marks have started appearing on Quest and so-far-so-good. But the scary courses have yet to report (Testing and Component-Based SE).

Ben and I have been spending the weekend at Erin’s – preparing for our trip and feasting on our last home-cooked meals that we’re likely to enjoy for a while.

Tonight we leave to Europe. Our flight leaves at 22:50 and we arrive in London around noon tomorrow. Then we’re set for 35 days of fun, sun, backpacking, and crazy European adventures. Our itinerary right now has us in London -> Paris -> Nice (& Monaco) -> Cinque Terre -> Florence -> Rome -> Venice -> Milan -> Interlaken -> Munich -> Prague -> Berlin -> Amsterdam -> Frankfurt -> Toronto.

If I have time to hit an internet cafe on the trip, I’ll make some updates here, but otherwise I’ll be back posting when I get home in June.

It seems everyone is heading on a trip somewhere. I hope we all have exciting, memorable, and not-too-dangerous fun.