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Last night was the awesomeness. A very welcome break from homework.

GradBall was a lot like High School grad, but with more reasonable dresses, people who know how to hold their liquour, and a lot less drama. This time there were no girls crying in the washroom, no guys with puking on their suits, and no embarrassed parent picking up a retched child at the end of the night.

Dinner was good, taking pictures with everyone was awesome (my best pictures are on Flickr – please send yours my way 🙂 ), and the dancing was wicked all night long. The DJ’s mixing was perfect – a great mix of up-beat dance, slow songs, rock, 80s, and country. He even played Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy. Along with classics like the Macarena, Cotton-Eyed Joe, and the Cha-Cha-Slide. I’m not sure how it happened, but during one song I ended up leading everyone around in a conga line. By the end of the night I was tired, sore, and sweaty. So much fun.

Giant Martini Glass 
Newly Engaged Couple 
Table 22 
Camera Wars 
Temporary Replacement Date 
Chocolate Fountain 
Mr. Smooth 
The Crowd 
The Unveiling of the Tool 
60' Wrench 
Limbo Tool
Limbo Graeme 
Anoush Limbows Under the Tie 
Limber Limbo Donna 
Someone is Excited to Graduate 
Swing Your Partners Round