Ok. I know I’m new to this whole iPod and iTunes world, but I just discovered podcasts, and they’re really cool. I ran accross the CBC Radio 3 Canadian Music Podcast and it’s great – all indie Canadian music. Other than the New Pornographers, I haven’t heard of any of the bands yet. I’m impressed with the quality. I love discovering good music. Podcast #32 was a 2005 Top 14 countdown which had some amazing tunes. My favourites were:

  • Two Hours Traffic – Better Sorry Than Safe
  • Mood Ruff – Rocketship (Unbelieveable, a Hip Hop group from Winnipeg)
  • Immaculate Machine – Phone No.
  • Wolf Parade – Shine a Light

Anyone know any good podcasts? Right now I only have some NDP and CBC ones (I’m too nerdy not to listen to Quirks & Quarks).