I have sampled more beer in the past 4 months than the rest of my life combined. I have visited all manor of pubs and enjoyed it all immensely. My first few weeks were spent sampling as many different varieties of beer as possible. After I while I settled in on a few favourites.

Pint of GuinessBeer

  1. Strongbow – a tasty cider that goes down smooth and packs a punch
  2. Kronenberg 1664 – a great beer and favourite with the people I usually drank with
  3. Carling – best selling beer in the UK (surprisingly owned by Molson’s)
  4. Magners – another cider, although not as good as Strongbow
  5. Carlsberg – a great Danish beer
  6. Fosters – Aussie beer that Kelsey fell in love with while in London
  7. Guinness – really heavy beer. I enjoyed it, but didn’t fall in love
  8. Stella – I hated it when I drank it in Waterloo, but I loved it here
  9. Badger Ale – Grrr! Not great, but came in an awesome pint glass I wanted to take home
  10. Abbot Ale – Kind of nasty


  1. Maple Leaf – Canadian themed pub that shows hockey games on Sunday nights. Visited with Kelsey & Jen.
  2. Grapes – Great smoke-free atmosphere. Try the fish & chips and bread-and-butter pudding. Visited with parents.
  3. Cross Key Pub

  4. Ship & Shovell Split into two buildings across an alleyway with drinkers spanning the gap. Visited with Adam & Ellen.
  5. Gun – No pub food here. Really expensive gourmet food instead. Visited with the guys from work, and work paid.
  6. Old Monk – A basement pub near Buckingham Palace. The booths in the back that are lit from the sidewalk above so you can see feet walking above. Visited with Kelsey & Jen.